‘I am taking over the music industry from Davido and Wizkid’ — Kingskid - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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‘I am taking over the music industry from Davido and Wizkid’ — Kingskid

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Over the years, many talented artists are reaching a large fanbase. Most of them take all that it takes to bring out good music to their fans. 

According to the headline, a Real Deal Records affiliate has vowed to take over the music industry from Davido and Wizkid. The name of this supertalented artiste is KINGSKID. 

As we all know, it takes a lot of potentials to overcome two musical giants in the industry. When talking about Davido and Wizkid, we all know they are giants. According to KINGSKID, he is coming to take over the music industry from them. 

KINGSKID tends to be a talented being who is always balanced on his lyrics and bars whenever he dishes out a new track. The melody given to him by God is somehow magnificent, and I dont think there is a singer like him in the industry at the moment. 

With a Wester Pop genre mixed with some afrobeat melody, he is worth overtaking Davido and Wizkid. 

Along with his self-assurance and self-awareness, KINGSKID possesses the rare talent of producing hip-hop/rap music that appeals to a broad audience. One of Nigeria's best-known producers, "DABEAT," has collaborated with him numerous times on various projects.

The 25-year-old IMO STATE native is a rising star in the world of hip-hop. WIZKID has had a major influence on his music and lifestyle. Music concerts and fashion exhibitions have been booked by his manager HENRY UKACHUKWU - better known as HENRY B KLASSIC.

His extensive travels have taken him across Nigeria and to the South American country of "BRAZIL," a regular tourist. While he's preparing to break into the mainstream, his music has gained a following among the people of Nigeria.

There will be a lot of collaborations shortly, one of which features the current craze in music, PHYNO FINO, the Nigerian rapper, singer, and composer.

In other news, KINGSKID is dropping a new song very soon to wrap up the year 2021. 

When you listen to "CASHOUT," you'll hear the best of both worlds, as it seamlessly blends western pop with African rhythms and melodies.

REAL DEAL RECORDS' Ezeh Divine Ifeanyi, known for his Afrocentric pop sound, stepped up a notch on CASHOUT.

DABEAT, a well-known and respected music producer, deserves all the production credit.

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