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Kwara/ Abia State ‘OTOGE’ Movement to ‘OZUGO’ Movement 2023 By A.R.G

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The saying that "no empire lasts forever" is a truism that also reminds one that power is transient. At the height of the Songhia and Roman Empire, nobody thought end was near.

Pre-2015, the People’s Democratic Party boasted that they would rule Nigeria for another 60yrs, but fate, providence and a people’s determination to change their lot, amids the audacity of hope (apologies Rotimi Amaechi) even though it turned out not exactly what we expected with the present Buhari administration, ended PDP’s dream before their very own eyes.

This saying also came to fruition recently in Kwara State in the 2019 Governorship election in the state.

As it is with every Emperor governing a conqued territory, the Saraki dynasty, just like the Abia situation, determined who slept, built, or ruled Kwara for years, even during the military era untill it’s end in 2019.

The Emperor style or strategy to perpetuate this strong hold on a people is almost the same everywhere, politically in Nigeria of today. Like the colonial masters, they employed divide and rule tactics as a tool to consistently divide the people and ensured that they never come together to confront their rule or the Hitler that has held them down for years. 

Poverty and unemployment are ready tools they also employ to keep the youths perpetually poor and vulnerable to be used as veritable tools in their quest to remain in office.

With hunger, poverty, deprivation and unemployment, the youths subsequently see these Emperors as the only road to salvation whilst their land is raped and plundered with impunity and in some cases peanuts are given to them from the stolen common resources. 

The old are not exempted from this trauma as they also are occasionally lined for daily handouts ranging from food to pocket money which is usually not enough. 

The above scenario was usually an everyday experience in the Olusola Saraki’s house (Oloye) then, which was usually a Mecca of sort, as thousands line up for daily meal just like Azikiwe road in Umuahia of today has been turned to an overnight philanthropic organization for many Abians who want to have a slice of the cake (which ordinarily should be his/her entitlement) and are ready to dance to the tune of the macabre songs that castrated Abia as a State. 

We have people that turned professional politicians and have been in government since 22 years of the third republic. No wonder Abia is still at standstill till date.

Most Abians are no long proud of their State. A State that was the envy of sister States at creation has been turned to a laughing stock due to poor leadership. But we can turn this around if only we all can agree and say OZUGO.

On the march to 2023 general elections, they have started using public funds to recruit hungry youths by luring them with cars and property, to maintain their stronghold on the treasury and the levers of governance, while poverty continues to ravage the entire state, even as the youths remain helpless in the pilfering that has become the lot of the state.

Today, there is no positive change either in terms of infrastructural development in Abia State or the pockets of Abians as the looting continues unchallenged. 

Kwara State 2019 is on my mind just as we approach a change of government come 2023. The OTOGE movement of Kwara that swept off the Saraki’s from Government House can be initiated here in Abia as a movement of an ideology “OZUGO ” movement. As it has become imperative that no single political party (Progressives in PDP)(APC, APGA YPP and ADC) can independently displace this behemoth that has held down development in the State.

Abians should resolve to collaborate amongst ourselves to ensure that come 2023, we as Abia youths, will come together to say enough is enough to all these looters. We should pave the way to assisting our women to stand tall like the Ebenebe women in Anambra that rejected (N10,000 )and opted for good governance which will guarantee even development in the state. 

Our "OZUGO" movement will ensure that our youths will stand to be counted believing that the future belongs to them and not those that have held us down for long, whom again are warming up "to come or stay back”.

Our ‘OZUGO’ movement will ensure that we align behind a credible candidate that has no affiliation with the gods that have raped our common wealth. 

OZUGO" movement will enthrone a total new concept and template of governance that will focus on the people and development of Abia instead of the current situation where we run a familicracy system. 

If Kwarans were able to achieve this in 2019 , we can, as Abians and non Abians. If we believe we can, say "Ozugo". Let that movement start today to liberate Abia. 

If you are passionate about changing the narrative of Abia Gods own State which few people have reduced to laughing stock, kindly sign on to the movement platform with KWARA / ABIA STATE ‘OTOGE’ movement to ‘OZUGO’ Movement 2023.

Let that movement start today to liberate Abia. kindly sign on with +2349088066933 on the whatsapp group or 

Abia Renaissance Group (A.R.G)

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