APC in Mubi is in tact, able and ready to will all elections in Adamawa- Kwacham - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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APC in Mubi is in tact, able and ready to will all elections in Adamawa- Kwacham

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The claims by a politician who revealed a brewing crisis in All Progressives Congress (APC) rocking Mubi North, Mubi South local government areas (LGAs) of Adamawa state will consume the party to a shameless failure if urgent actions are not taken.

In a counter narration, an aspirant who is from the Northern Senatorial District eyeing the senate seat, Alhaji Abdulrahaman Buba Kwacham described the assertion a false tale by the moon light.

Kwacham refuted the forecast made by Mahmoud Sali Yunusa who had earlier lamented how the party is moving toward a bleak future in the sister LGAs because of alteration of delegates lists in the last Congresses is going to cause a serious downfall of the entire party in Adamawa state.

Kwacham dispelled the position of Yunusa as a politician with less political might and dexterity is very inconsequential to make that comment, but he did that because of his selfish interest and less knowledge of APC affairs in the two local government areas.

According to him Sali is never a good politician and his political history is on record that he has never win his unit talk more his ward. And his assertions can never be the true position of the party.

He assured the national and state officials of the party that APC is winning elections in Adamawa state come 2023 because the party is more better and safe in the hands of the present local government and wards delegates who are the grassroots politicians.

He described the position of Yunusa as "the evil that men did live after them" and is a looking for a survival means in the party that they have enjoyed so much benefits and contributed nothing in building the party.

"What's happening in these two LGAs is coup and counter coup. Sali and his team planted their worst seeds against the party and the right thing is done by uprooting the unwanted plants who means evil to the party and they are bitterly lamenting over what they had done.

" Let me tell you APC is safe and in tact. Anybody that is telling you we are in crisis call him a pathological liar, the stakeholders are united, we are okay with the way and manner the last congress was conducted in the two local government areas.

"Come to think of it, this is a Man that can't win elections in his unit and the masses are not with him because he has lost touch with them. I think the man is just suffocating under a political comma and need to be taken to an intensive care unit of the party to survive.

" I'm assuring you this, APC is more than able to win elections, his views are just a barking of a toothless dog to draw undue attention." Kwacham

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