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Why I Refuse To Help A Pregnant Woman, Nigerian Shares Experience:

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I refuse to help a needy pregnant woman because I am running from my real self. Yes, I needed to save my peace and sanity

In 2018, I move to a new place, a married woman with children started and always comes to meet me to give her whatever she wants from me which I always do. One day, the husband came to me with anger, and told me to stay away from his wife. I said, OK.

Even If i use common sense - helping people I know has landed me in too many conflicts, they are just too over many for me to overlook anymore.

Because of the many years of constant betrayals that lead me to regret my life, I move to a new town and decide to start afresh. In the past I have shown too much financial care and love for women that backfire and work against me. so I decide to stay focus on myself for the first time of my life.

After living in this new place for about six months, a pregnant woman who also live in the same visinity ask me to help her. She told me to lend her some money.

She told me that, she had not eaten since morning and she wants to cook something to eat and her hubby is out of town and will be back later.

She told me she will refund me when her hubby comes back. She was pregnant, hungry and need help.

I badly wanted to but I instantly had many flash back and I told her, I don't have the money right now. I told her, why can't you go and meet that your fellow business woman down there? she may be able to help you, she replied me with God forbid.

The money she asked me, I have it in my base, three times over but I refuse to give her. I painfully refused to help her because nigeria society has made me look like a fool.

To save my peace - I just have to only help strangers and not give help to the people I know

Did I do wrong?

What do you think?


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