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My Workers Are Ripping Me On Site, Nigerian Youth Cries Out

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Half of my workers are mid range over 48-55, and constitute the set of people who like to cheat me , I've been extremely nice to my workers in such a way you'll always love to work with me, I pay them promptly , sometimes cook for them and made sure they see enough gain when buying materials aside from their workmanship fee....

There's this carpenter that has been working for me over 2 weeks, he seemed cool at first and sweet coated whenever he dishes me daily report about his work and how well coordinated he works, I decided to give him a trial in the first place but the first work he did was so unsatisfactory he got me angry , someone over 40 years older than me, I gave him money to get nails for me which he never bought for the work , when I requested for the pack of nails he bought he gave me unreasonable excuses... And he was someone who was literally begging to get the job misbehaving to me....

as if that's not enough, I caught my bricklayer with a vehicle to the site loading over 4 bags of cement into the little van they brought, I wish I could record the shock all over his face and the way he was stammering .. And decent guy who I thought was reasonable enough to handle things for me, I sacked the motherf--r, the new one I employed is even worse, he thinks I'm a small buy kus I'm 22 and maybe he's feeling Intimidated by the portfolio of work I'm handling....

so many instances I can't even mention, after showing them love and care, allowing them to eat even when you are paying them well, they'll go at any length to rip you off...

please always open your eyes ooo, most of these worker's but not all are fond of acting crazy and take people they work for granted on site, they feel they are always smarter than. everyone else in the room and know how to cheat their way around you.... we have to do better and more as human, greed is unnecessary a d won't define breakthrough .moment for anybody...

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