Gov Fintiri's village: Residents cry out for help over the collapsed bridge linking Adamawa, Borno - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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Gov Fintiri's village: Residents cry out for help over the collapsed bridge linking Adamawa, Borno

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.....Accused Adamawa govt for not meeting up to their campaign promises

..Gov Ahmadu is on constant touch with NEDC for a perfect work done of the bridge -Media aide

The collapse of the Wuri ganni bridge between Shuwa and the Gulak area of Madagali Local Government, Adamawa state was destroyed by a flood in this year's raining season some weeks ago that has grossly led to the halting of economic activities, caused asperity and travails to the people of those communities.

The bridge is said to be in Kirchinga ward, a village where Adamawa Governor, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is said to have come from is a major link between Adamawa, Borno states and the people of the communities have cried out for help for the rebuilding of the collapsed bridge.

The collapsed bridge at the moment our correspondent gathered has brought to the lowest minimum the economic activities of the two states, especially the communities of Madagali and Muchika local government areas.

An aged Man, Baba Adamu Jakeso who our correspondent seen ferried by two able young men on their onward journey to Yola for medical attention lamented how the present condition of the bridge has caused a serious economy disconnect among the inhabitants of the area.

He worried that the socio-economic activities of those areas are comatose and are affecting the livelihood of millions of people living and plying the road on daily basis.

He described the situation of the road and the breaking down of the bridge as catastrophic, having the same grievous effects of the Boko Haram experience they went through few years ago.

While narrating his ordeals how he is suffering from heart-related sickness, he said he had to be lifted by his two sons to the other bank of the river. This according to him has made him wane up and suspecting his BP is on the high side.

"Wrecking of this bridge to me is equally as painful as the Boko Haram experience I have gone through. Look at me I have to be ferried through by my able sons, my health condition at the moment is palpable because I'm a BP patient.

" I'm going to Yola for medical attention ordinary by now we would have gone far with our journey but the road condition is making the whole journey cumbersome," Adamu said

He said being a retired revenue collector that the federal government and the government of Borno, Adamawa states including the local government's areas they are losing from the break down of bridge millions of naira daily as revenue.

He appealed to the federal and state governments to consider the sufferings and untold pains the people are going through because of the bridge wreckage if they are not interested in revenue generation.

"I'm begging Baba Buhari to come to our aid and fix the bridge for us, the suffering is too much. We are yet to overcome the excruciating pains of Boko Haram attacks. We are grateful of his efforts that made us return to our ancestral homes but our joy will not be complete if after farming our crops will not be sold at a good price because of bad road.

'If Our condition would not be improved with good livelihood and standard of living in our respective communities it means everyone should go to Abuja or Yola and stay because that's where lives are valued and cherished. He added.

A blind Man, Jemuel Kuwatalakai who was also ferried through the gushing waters of the river caused by the wrecked bridge blamed the government of Adamawa for not paying attention to the plights of the masses.

According to him, he voted for Governor Ahmadu because he believed him while campaigning and made a lot of promises including the fixing of brigades and roads, especially now they have all returned to their communities after Boko Haram attacks that displaced them.

He worried that the government of Fintiri is paying deaf ears to what the masses are going through.

"Painful enough the Governor is from Kirchinga, a stone throw community very close to where I'm talking to you. Does it mean that he is not aware of what we are going through as his people? Does it mean that he has failed in fulfilling his campaign promises? Come to think of it I'm quite sure Fintiri has the money that he can use to fix this road even if the federal government is not listening to him or paying lip service to the road as the urgent need of the people.

" All I know, Buhari didn't come to us and campaign to fix this road for us. But he did came to our communities and promised us good roads, good hospitals, good schools, and regular payment of salaries.

"I voted for him based on those promises he made, but now I know politicians are only interested in your votes once you gave them to hell with you and they don't care about whatever you are passing.

"For God sake our Governor we are not asking for much, all we are saying is fix the bridge for us that is all." Jemuel said

Ishaku Kamasha, a resident of Michika, a town in which the bridge is having a direct connection as a border community to Shuwa, the gate mouth of Madagali Local Government worried that at any downpour of rainfall it is one ugly story or the other.

According to him long vehicles, trucks, cars, and all commuters over what he described as the normal exchange of passengers and goods, a give and take exchange to drivers either going to Yola or coming from Maiduguri, and is making the life of people and journey miserable as if there is no government.

Community leader and the Lawan  of Shuwa, Ibrahim Ayaba said the bridge is now a nightmare of all Madagali Local Government and its environs.

He said his worries is that the government seems to silence and not mindful of the extremity and dilemma of the people on the current ugly situation of the road.

"We don't really understand what the government is doing about the issue. It is really affecting our socioeconomic status and nothing else it working out perfect for because of the bridge collapse.

" Once it rains, it is one bad story of the other. Vehicles and trucks no longer plying the road to either going to Maiduguri or Yola. I'm begging on the government to do something about." Ayaba said

Mr Solomon Kumangar, Director General Communications and Media to the Governor of Adamawa State assured that the road will be constructed from Yola to Goza in which the bridge then will be well constructed.

He called on the people of Madagali to be more patience as efforts are being made by Governor Fintiri to bring a lasting solution to that effect.

Also in  his response the Press Secretary to Governor Ahmadu Fintiri, Mr Humwashi Wonosikou said the Governor is steadfast in doing the people's mandate.

According to him Governor Fintiri is not asleep concerning the collapsed bridge, being a federal road he has at many times contacted North East Development Commission (NEDC) and which they have promised to work on the bridge.

Wonosikou said the government of Adamawa is on its toes to make sure the not only the bridge in Madagali that will be fixed but the many Adamawa rural roads entire roads.

"The Governor is a Man of his words and keep to action on making sure that the bridge is work on. His constant visit to NEDC will certainly bring out light at the end of the tunnel" Wonosikou said

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