NYSC is the cause of the rising surge in COVID-19 cases in Nigeria - Lai Mohammed - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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NYSC is the cause of the rising surge in COVID-19 cases in Nigeria - Lai Mohammed

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The Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed has said that the National Youth Service Corps scheme is one of the two major factors actively responsible for the hiking surge in numbers of Covid cases in the country.

The minister explained that more positive COVID-19 cases were reported in Nigeria recently because of people who disobey safety protocols especially in NYSC camps across the nation.

He said; “Two things are responsible for the high cases of pandemic reported at the Nigeria. 

One is because of consistent testing that has been taking place in NYSC camps.

“The second reason for the high cases is that Nigerians have actually let down their guards”.

He further mentioned that Nigerians have relaxed their guard despite an increased number of infections certifying that the country is experiencing a third wave.

“If over 4.2 million people have been lost to the virus world-wide and it is not abating. So we need to take more seriousness on the protocols around COVID-19 especially on non-pharmaceutical interventions,” he said.

“Some countries are even having the 4th and the 5th waves. It is not unique to Nigeria. Because when you look at the wave, like last Saturday it was 1000 plus and now going to 18000 cases in Nigeria.

“So really, Nigeria is already in the third wave and this case has been compounded by Delta variant. And we have identified the Delta variant in several states in Nigeria also.

“The Delta variant is about 60 times more potent than the wide COVID II. And it is very virulent, deadly and more easily transmissible.

“It appears that while the normal variant will take about seven days to manifest, the delta variant manifests within two days of being infected. So, it is a real challenge for us. But the PSC is not resting on its oars to ensure that they give out necessary directive to national response team to tackle this virus.”

When rounding up his comment on the situation, he said that the country isn’t seeking any donation towards procurement of COVID vaccines.

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