"I Remain The Authentic Chairman Of Labour Party LP, IPAC In Ogun State" - Arabambi Abayomi Reply Critics - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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"I Remain The Authentic Chairman Of Labour Party LP, IPAC In Ogun State" - Arabambi Abayomi Reply Critics

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The crises in Inter Party Advisory Council IPAC has turned another dimension following the tongue lashing statement by the factional chairman of the council in Ogun State, Alhaji Adedamola Abdul-Lateef Adesina on Comrade Abayomi Arabambi on who the authentic chairman is between the duo.

Comrade Abayomi Arabambi is the chairman of Labour Party in Ogun state, also doubled as Chairman of Inter Party Advisory Council IPAC in the state.

Aramabi issued a public rejoinder below:

The general public is here advised to ignore the totally false , illegal, meaningless ,purported and concocted news  intercepted from multiple angles in print medium sponsor by Adedamola ADESINA a known Political miscreants   with a disparaging piece of propaganda to the effect that I Most Gentleman Comrade ,The Ogburu gburu 1 of Ogun State and the State Chairman Labour Party has cease to be Ogun IPAC CHAIRMAN. 

The general public are here by  advised to disregard and erase  this piece of distortion, poisonous lies  and  mis information from their minds.
Adedamola is a dangerous pollution in Ogun State  political space who is leading some  gang of political merchants, illegally parading themselves as Ipac Executive members. Let me state on records that they are all co travellers  on the belly-aching over the misfortune that befell their Political lives
NAIVETY is not an asset in politics as IGNORANCE is not a defense in Law.
Intelligence comes with a strong mind, and the attributes of a genius entails a heart of a lion. 
The one authentic and legal Chairman remains Comrade Abayomi Arabambi .
 In the first place , how can a body of strangers to the National IPAC begin to dissolve a State Executive they are not parties to its inauguration ?.
By the judgement of the Appeal Court, the temporary arrangements earlier in place was rendered ineffective, null and void as the INEC was ruled to be incompetent in law to de - register political parties in Nigeria.
Legally , it stands so indisputable that IPAC has as National PRESIDENT , Chief Ralph Okey Nwosu (ADC National Chairman) and Hon Adekunle Rufai Omo - Aje (AA National Chairman) as the  National Secretary .
By the earlier cited Appeal Court judgement , it was made clear that the earlier existing arrangement that de - registered a number of political parties became illegal and in its stead , the sectional temporary body that came up to lead the IPAC both at the National and State levels ceased to exist.
 Any political and  unconstitutional rebellion being grown  by some polished miscreants in the political space should be ignored.
IPAC is currently a body leading all the registered political parties in Nigeria and as there is no de - registered political party any more in Nigeria. The National IPAC does not recognise or know the almajiri body false claiming relevance in IPAC , as for the State Chapter of IPAC in Ogun State , we are not part of the Eight- party gang of political misfits trying to claim to be in existence in Ogun State.
The days of portfolio party existence is far left in forgotten memory.
One Yusuf Bamtale , reported to be the National Chairman of APM who illegally claim to have by himself appoint the Political miscreants Adedamola ADESINA, is politically  dumb and very irresponsible to have paraded himself as superior to the Appeal Court  and above it . 
How can you possibly be in a position to claim that you dissolve a body of State  Executive Committee that he is a stranger to the body that appointed the State Executive.
 As at today , no one or body is legally or  empowered to undo a constitutionally evolved legality as falsely claimed by the cash and carry Eight- man political miscreants . 
The Ogun State IPAC is fully membered by all the registered political parties in Ogun State.
By every dictates of responsible citizenship , once a Court of superior jurisdiction rules against the judgement of a lower court , as in this case , a judgement delivered by the President of the Appeal Court with two others nullified the earlier judgement being claimed to be yet standing and even claimed to be supported by the INEC,  are these unreasonable people now saying that the INEC as a Commission is above the Courts . 
Silly men are silly , it doesn't matter in which tribe . This Yusuf Dantalle has been exposed as a stark illiterate and a purchasable political  jobber
What could be considered inconsistent in an inconsistent act by a man known to be highly inconsistent and a perpetual moron in  locomotive Adedamola ADESINA
 Opinions are in very many plurals.
 The rough exposure of a rough individual will remain rough as long as he remains in the throes of the rough existence he has been used to all his life. Nothing will polish a pig to earn a cleanliness and neatness contest . A pig will remain a pig very dirty , rough and unkept.
Very obvious that when you fight with a pig in its habitat you get dirtied.
It is very much not acceptable for the Ogun State Most Gentleman COMRADE and the undisputed IPAC CHAIRMAN to keep exchanging comments with these grossly incompetents, irresponsible elements and Political bandits.
 I have achieved a public grade that I can now afford to ignore these hirelings as there is no reasons for me  to continue to honour this very cheap bought and paid for elements by an exchange of insults.

 It's an undisputable and  incontrovertible fact  and  I am very sincere with this that  if I  keep on engaging these paid social cancers , soon they will likely succeed in bringing me down to their warped level.
 With all of these honours , left , right and center , I  find it very uncomfortable to argue further with this nobodies bought and paid for by someone desperate for a lost trophy.
Finally , nothing has changed in Ogun State Chapter of IPAC , Comrade Abayomi Arabambi remains the legal and the authentic State Chairman  of the total registered political parties in Ogun State as Adedamola ADESINA remains my Political puppies.
Our efforts to contact Adedamola Abdul-Lateef Adesina to balance our report proof abortive as his mobile phone was switched off.

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