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Okwuosa Only Reason We Will Support APC' - Anambra Monarchs

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The race to the Anambra 2021 gubernatorial election gains more tension as party primaries approach.

State stakeholders are taking stronger positions as regards the candidates and parties they would support during the elections. Political analysts speculate that the gubernatorial elections would be a tough battle between the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), and the All-Progressives Congress (APC).

Nevertheless, notable monarchs within the state have also begun to weigh in on the conversation.

APC’s foremost candidate, Hon Azuka Okwuosa, has received commendations from several traditional leaders over the course of his campaign for the party ticket. Yet again, during his visit to some of the traditional leaders in Anambra state, he bags another endorsement to strengthen his candidature for the Anambra governorship seat.

During his visits, the monarchs acknowledged Okwuosa’s all-inclusive leadership style. They commended his ability to carry everyone along, and his bid to foster unity within his party and state in general. They did not fail to highlight the negative disposition of some Anambrarians to the APC. Irrespective of that fact, they are convinced that Okwuosa is propagating an idea of an APC that belongs to the Igbos and seeks their interest.

In clear terms, the monarchs present insisted that they would support APC’s quest for the governorship seat on the condition that Okwuosa is the party’s flag bearer. In their opinion, APGA appears to be the party for Anambra but in reality, the party’s limited access to the centre has hindered its ability to effectively execute satisfactory governance. Therefore, in the interest of Anambrarians, it is ideal to switch to a party that has the desired reach, but it is even more expedient to stick to a man that is willing and capable of serving the people. To them, Hon Azuka Okwuosa is that man.

It is no longer news that Anambrarians are gradually letting go of their decade-long allegiance to the indigenous party, APGA. They are becoming more open minded to the potentials that lie in other parties, particularly APC. Also, as the party primaries draws closer, the spotlight has remained on Hon Azuka Okwuosa as he continues to enjoy an endorsement galore.

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