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Rape Allegations: Bishop Blessing Samuel Speaks Up!

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Lately, one Apostle Belema Abili allegedly paid one Evi Okaili to accuse Bishop Blessing Samuel of rape. They took to social media (Facebook) to announce how she was raped by Bishop Blessing Samuel of Royal Place Ministries Int'l. In a Facebook post, they connived and accused the Man of God of having a relationship with one Evi which when it got sour decided to rape her, these allegation has been vehemently denied by Bishop Blessing. Irrespective of the clergy's magnanimity to Balema and Evi. Members of the church have said that the allegations are unfounded and ridiculous.

The U.S based reputable Man of God, bishop Blessing who has been petrified, shocked and embarrassed by this statement has vehemently denied having any carnal or sexual knowledge or doings with her either with her intention or not. 
Bishop Blessing has always been a blessing to the people that do come in contact with him. As a clergy, the bishop has over the years involved himself in evangelical mission, converting souls to Christ, adding value in lives of people, impacting kingship and banishing slavery.

It was also gathered that same Belema once brought a lady called Nadia to accuse Bishop Blessing Samuel of rape on her live video, people saw through her lies and deceit, Nadia's messages were exposed for the world to see that bishop was innocent of the false accusations. Her deceitful act made her disappeared from Facebook till date.

Belema Abili was one of the young chaps that Bishop Blessing impacted positively. The Bishop met Belema when she was worldly and decided to give her sense of direction spiritually and in her well-being. Over the years, Bishop Blessing has played a fatherly role in the live of this young Christian convert Belema Abili. He has described the allegation(s) be it rape or having a relationship that goes sour as “utterly ridiculous “and preposterous. 

Just like our Lord Jesus Christ was accused of so many things, it is said that true Christians must be faced with persecution and trials and this rape case isn’t far from it for a true Christian. 

In the word of Bishop Blessing Samuel, he said that “this is a false allegation and this young lady is using this to tarnish my image and ruin my reputation as a man of God. The young lady in question, I took her as a daughter and I am wondering how she could allow the devil or worldly enchantments to take over her, especially her sense of decency and morality. She is out to ruin my reputation which I will not agree to. It took me years to build these reputations and I know that the Lord I serve will vindicate me”

“let it be clear that on no period had I had any amorous or sexual relationship with Balema, our relationship was strictly spiritual and I saw her as a spiritual daughter and I acted in accordance to the biblical injunction. I wonder where she is getting the idea of me raping her. I do not know why she is going around talking this in social media. If she is very sure of what she is doing, she should head to court with evidences and prove to the world that I, Bishop Blessing Samuel raped her or had a sexual relationship with her. She should desist from this libelous character “, Samuel added.

Rape Allegations: Bishop Blessing Samuel Speaks Up (Video)

The Clergy, Bishop Blessing said that he sent Evi Okaili money to support her and ensure that she becomes successful in her life. “I do not know how a lady can say thank you so much for financial blessings in my life over these years, to say that I raped her, I gave this lady a financial assistant to support her business and then another for her sick parents.” bothered  Blessing concluded.

Most of the people who commented on Apostle Belema Abili’s sex allegations against Bishop Blessing Samuel advised woman to retrace her steps from defaming the bishop in order to avoid bringing the entire body of Christ into disrepute.

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