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Opinion: IPOB’s Sit At Home Order Confirms Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy On Insecurity

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The south eastern part of Nigeria is currently suffering from issues that has to do with insecurity, the phrase ‘Unknown Gunmen’ have become popular due to the happenings in the states.

There has been killings, banditry carried out by people that are unknown, most especially in Imo state, the operations of these men have known no bound in the state.

The saga started in the state with attacks on police stations, and some government establishments before it metamorphosed into killings of political personalities. Just yesterday, Ahmed Gulak, an APC Chieftain was shot dead in broad day light in Owerri, though the police have apprehended the perpetrators of this act.

Today in South east, a particular group fighting for the freedom of Igbo nation made a sit-at-home order to honour some fallen heroes who according to them fought for the freedom of the igbo people. This order was frowned at by the government of the south east state, but for safety reasons, almost all the states in south east is currently deserted by residents. No one went to work, shops are placed under lock and keys, even the ferries are not functioning, all because of this order.

For the fact that the order saw the light of the day alone means there is crisis in south eastern states and for diplomacy sake, it is almost impossible for the government to call on the military to intervene now, there is need to study what the situation will turn into.

Meanwhile, Primate Elijah Ayodele, a Nigerian prophet has warned about this situation before in November 2020. The man of God categorically stated that the year 2021 won’t be palatable for Nigerians, as he foresees a protest that will make Nigerians unable to go to their working place, Is this not a fulfilment already?

On May 19 2021, Primate Ayodele categorically spoke about the crisis in Imo state, and made a statement that if it is not handled well, it will cause trouble for other south eastern states, as it stands now, would it be right to say this is coming to pass already?

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