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LG Poll: Stakeholders Begs Gov Abiodun To Consider Chairmanship Candidate to Ifo Constituency 2

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..... Harps On Social Amenities Drive To Ifo Constituency 2

IFO— The stakeholders in Ifo constituency 2 has called on town meeting to make some clarifications on happenings in the local government especially as it affects the state constituency, Ifo Constituency II.

According to one of the stakeholder, "Ifo Constituency II as presently configured is going through what is best described as unhealthy muscling by some few but privileged political personalities from our sister constituency, Ifo Constituency I."
"It is public knowledge the efforts and sacrifice the stakeholders in Ifo Constituency II played before, during and after the election that brought in our incumbent governor, His Excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun MFR. In the most very hostile political environment ever witnessed in the history of our state, especially in our state constituency, all stakeholders gave their support to our party All Progressives Congress and its candidate."
"For avoidance of doubt, towns like Agbado, Akute-Ajuwon, Ijoko, Lambe, Isheri, Dalemo to mention but a few gave their supports. As the most organized CDAs and CDCs in the state, Community and political leaders of Ifo Constituency II dared the consequences and queued behind the candidature of Omooba Dapo Abiodun. The rest they say is history."

"As stated above, the expected dividend from this our unflinching support is premised on the fact that our Communities will be an active players in the development agenda of the present administration. Alas, we at Ifo Constituency II is almost non present in this administration. As against several state and political appointments credited to Ifo Constituency I, our constituency has enjoyed very low patronage of our dedicated sons and daughters who risked and gave their supports when mostly needed."

However, For clarity, the number 3 position of the state, the office of the speaker is currently from Ifo Constituency I. Same with two Board Chairmen (OGSAA and OGWAMA), 2 Special Assistants (SA New Media and Political to Speaker), Governor's Advisory Council member are some of the appointment currently occupied by Constituency I while Constituency II can only boast of 2 state appointments, A special adviser and a board member. Ladies and gentlemen of the Press, how best can one describe this scenario?

Furthermore, he said, "As partners in progress, we have taken solace in the appointment of one of our  sons as the caretaker Chairman of Ifo local government. His appointment has been the soothing oil on the wounds of our constituents especially when the Chairman has not only represented our constituency well, but has sufficiently shown capacity in discharge of his responsibilities carrying everyone along.
That the party leadership under His Excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun, the leader of the party in the state come to our aid in Ifo LGA and provide leadership by ensuring fair and just distribution of party opportunities in such a manner that no section of the state will feel marginalized as is being witnessed in Ifo Constituency II.
That the candidate to represent the party should come from Ifo Constituency II in such a way to give sense of belonging to the constituency with highest number of voters from Ifo local government.
That all stakeholders be allowed to fair participation in the process of selecting the candidate of the party as no aspirant or stakeholders should be disenfranchised of his rights. 
By this, our local government can enjoy across-the-board participation and activeness which will give birth to even and fair development in the local government and our dear Ogun state in general. 
Permit me to use this medium to express our satisfaction on the progress and achievement being recorded under the leadership of our Omoluwabi governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun MFR. 
Once again, on behalf of Ifo Constituency II, I thank you all.

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