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LG Poll: Olujimi Desmond Sends MEMO To Abeokuta Leaders

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It gives me great pleasure to address the leaders of our great party, the ALL PROGRESSIVES CONGRESS (APC) in Ogun State at this important period when the journey is on to present credible aspirants that will enhance the fortunes of the party at the forthcoming polls. I am quite humbled because we are again at a familiar juncture and I ask myself that what lessons have we learnt from events of recent years. It was a wise man who remarked that, “You don’t keep doing the same thing all over again and then expect a different result”. More importantly, the immediate and far future of every man, group or organization is determined by the choices made today. 
As a political party, the result we have today was brought about by the choice made in 2011 and the issues that brought about the collective loss at the time are still very clear in our memories. Another electoral cycle beckons and a new opportunity to make another informed choice that will define us for the next four years is here again. 

My compatriots, as you are aware, I am contesting to be the Chairman of Abeokuta South Local Government under the platform of the APC and I am confident to say that I represent the best chance for the party to continue the change we desire. The histories of men are in their stories and as I have always said, my life is an open book that can be read. There comes a time in the life of a people when they must out of burning necessity for a better life, jettison the often threaded path of mediocrity and cronyism, which has never resulted into the common good of all.

I come with a fresh breath of hope and relevant change. My blueprint (hinged on the manifesto of the APC according to our party’s constitution) is built on four strong pillars. “Expanding our Economy”; “Providing Quality Social Services”; “Strengthening our people & society” and “Energising government and the polity”. 

This broad four pillars aims to make LIFE MORE ABUNDANT for Abeokuta South people. My agenda is to align our systems and processes to that of a modern local council where things work for the benefit of all. I will conduct governance with vision, passion, equity and integrity. 

In all my years, I have committed to excellence and delivery be it as a young man growing up in Abeokuta, as a student in great Ife, as an Entrepreneur of almost two decades.

I believe my path in life has prepared me for this moment. I have what it takes to make life more meaningful for our people.

I seek your support, trust and votes as you elect the chairmanship candidate of APC, Let us not be despaired by the disappointments, dashed hopes, failed promises and pains of the past. Let us close all the fault lines and look into the future with optimism and hope. As the chance to make a defining choice presents itself again. What I am bringing to bear (and which clearly stands me out among other aspirants) is my Sound academic and professional qualifications; Rich private sector experience; Sterling public sector performance track record; Demonstrable experience and proven knowledge of Ogun state’s social, economic and political landscape; A household name and recognizable face in all 15 wards and polling units of Abeokuta South; Unblemished antecedents and integrity; Unrivaled humility and trustworthiness; An aspirant of merit; Model of excellence and Symbol of equity, fairness and justice. 

My worthy Delegates and Leaders, if you entrust me with the mandate of our great party, I will be a listener, I will not inflict pain on you, my policies will have human face, I will consult with all layers of the party always, I will run an efficient and open-door administration, I will utilize your resources judiciously, My word will always be my bond and I want to be held by it. Above all, I will serve my conscience knowing every man is accountable to God. I believe together we can make Abeokuta South a model council of our dreams.

Together we can do it. I seek your support and votes to make our collective goals a reality. I hereby offer myself as a symbol of the new model of leadership predicated on capacity, competence, character and vision. It is achievable and our state shall rise up from the ashes and become great again. 

Together We Can...

Long live my Leaders!
Long live my delegates! 
Long live the APC!!
Long live Ogun State!!!

Sincerely Yours,

‘Olujimi Adekunle David (Desmond)
Chairmanship Aspirant, Abeokuta South Local Government

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