Grocery vendor allegedly bites off a lady’s lip for saying her sachet water is too expensive - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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Grocery vendor allegedly bites off a lady’s lip for saying her sachet water is too expensive

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A Grocery vendor in Ofada, Ogun State, has allegedly bitten off a lady’s lip during a fight that erupted after the lady said her sachet water is too expensive. 

It was gathered that the unfortunate incident occurred on Sunday May 2, 2021. According to the victim, Bamiduro Olayinka, the vendor had insisted that her sachet water, popularly known as pure water, is N15 instead of N10 that other vendors were selling it. 

“I had gone to her store to buy pure water and she said it’s N15. She’s my friend and I jokingly told her that her water is too expensive because other people were selling it for N10. Anyways, I bought it for the N15 but later that day, a neighbor of mine wanted to get water, so I told her to go somewhere else that hers is too expensive.

I didn’t know that her child was within earshot and overheard my conversation with my neighbor. He want to tell his mom, she and two other of her children came to confront me. It all started like joke but before I knew what was happening we were in a heated argument and the three of them started beating me up. As if that was not enough, they started biting me all over my body. The woman bit my lips so hard until it cut off. 

I was in a pool of blood, I had bite marks all over my body, and was rushed the hospital were they sewed my lip but after a few days, the part that she cut off started decaying and eventually fell off. I was told to allow the lip heal than go for a surgery. The doctor said they will have to cut part of my body to fill the lip.

She was arrested but she was released after spending a night at the police station,” she said

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