Residents Alert Gov Sanwoolu Over Oba Osolo's Negligence To Covid-19 Protocol - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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Residents Alert Gov Sanwoolu Over Oba Osolo's Negligence To Covid-19 Protocol

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Olayiwola Ibrahim, Lagos

According to Covid 19 protocols, Laws and Order by the Lagos State government, The Oba Osolo of Isolo land, his royal highness Kabiru Agbabiaka Alani was found flaunting the Covid 19 rules of the state by throwing a big party outside his royal palace.

While speaking with passerby’s and some resident, the lament bitterly stating that the law must take its stand on the king for violating the rules and also contradicting the resident rights to quiet and tranquility by holding a party on the street and affecting road user.

Anonymously, a resident said if the State Governor and all other concerns parastatals failed to act against this act, that people who have been arrested, facing the penalties of the Covid violations should be released as well.

He said that the Obas should lead by examples to others and not putting the governor as well as the law enforcement in a bad possible nothing that justice and fair play is the only way the society works by citing a good example.

In addition, reports shows that same action took place two days ago at 7/8 junction at Ajao estate. 

Conclusively they urge and pleaded to the to governor Babajide Sanwo Olu who has been active and respondents to amiable citizens of the state to take action on this matter and serve as deterrent to others who had such thing in mind.

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