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Fayose will Soon Disappear in a Whiff of his Own Pride - Dare Adeleke

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The largest noise in the world is silence.
Those who wrote down those words may have seen the day a man would be accused for his silence even in the face of the worst provocation.
The South West PDP has been unduly heated up by the loud din of one man whose ambition seems to rival his penchant for disunity, lies and violence. 

Fayose in one of his interviews accused Governor Seyi Makinde of remaining quiet while his men allegedly attacked him, Fayose. 
Is it not befuddling that a man would be attacked for being silent? 
In the past 12 weeks, ex-Governor Fayose has been like a man wrestling with himself and like a town crier whose only only message is confusion, concocted by him and emanating from him alone.

He has been busy running from pillar to post, granting series of interviews, emitting  largely incoherent cacophony,  abusing the person and personality of Governor Seyi Makinde, yet the governor responded with silence, without joining issues with him. Perhaps being used to street fighting, the man who prides himself as a street man,  realising the pendulum won't swing his way, decided to start beating the drums of war where there is no war.  Reading his boastful interview tells the tale of a man who is so afraid of his opponent that he rather than take a stance, is hitting his hands on the ground and picking rubbles rather than confront the imposing personality who has completely dwarfed his over bloated quivering ego.

Like a balloon blown too tight,  Fayose will soon explode in a whiff of his own pride.
Let Fayose go to Ibadan on the 6th of March with his candidate Eddy Olafeso to test his popularity.
 If his candidate wins good luck to him but I must warn him to stop all the rantings, huffing and puffing, else he will have us, the true and faithful party members of PDP southwest to contend with.

It was King Henry VI who said that “Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind.” 
It is ironic today that Fayose can open his mouth to accuse His Excellency, Governor Makinde of betraying those who helped him to power. We all know that Fayose and the word betrayal are twin brothers. How many can we mention, men who Fayose went to, cap in hand begging when he wanted to be governor twice and how many today did he not pay back with his usual basket of insults and treachery?
Once again, I ask Fayose, has he forgotten so soon how largely he benefited from Governor Makinde before he became governor?

That Fayose is accusing Governor Makinde of non-performance, is laughable. Can anyone remember what Fayose's legacy is in Ekiti? I dare say NO because he has none. 

Besides thuggery and breeding a hoard of street urchins, what else did Fayose bequeath his people? They say he who must come to equity, must come with clean hands. Fayose has no moral rights to accuse Makinde, a man whose achievements stand tall and are tangible and evident all over Oyo State, of what he could not deliver in eight good years.
He dares to use the insecurity which is not unique to Oyo state as a yardstick of measuring performance of His Excellency, Makinde. Our people say, the witch cries at night and the child dies in the morning, who is responsible?

Rather than join in seeking solutions to the security situation in the South West, Fayose is going about bleating like a sheep and celebrating the insecurity in Oyo State.

Should we now not remember our Governor's speech where he accused people of fuelling the problem for political gains? The pertinent question now, Is Fayose one of them? 

A man who should be sympathetic, is instead, deliberately mocking, poking holes and finding a twisted delight in the plight of the people of Oyo State.
Fayose keeps dropping names in his usual deceptive manner. He mentions Adelabu, Fayemi and others who are not in anyway his mates in society placement. Fayemi it was who trounced him like a child in the last election, even when he prided himself the King Maker in Ekiti. He was disgraced in his own land, as a seating governor. He lost Ekiti woefully and cried like a baby, yet we know that even the shameful incident was his usual devious drama because he knows in his innermost heart that he sold out to the APC in Ekiti  just as he is selling out to Tinubu now.

Fayose cannot swear that he did not betray his own party in that election. He used a distinguished gentleman Prof  Olusola Eleka and then started wailing like the traitor he is. All involved, know that Fayose made a deal with the APC, to deliberately loose the election. 

Same Fayose worked against Senator Abiodun Olujinmi in Ekiti but thank God the supreme court disgraced him.
I put it to him that he worked against the party in Edo and then again in Ondo.

A man who cannot put his house in order, wants to come to Oyo to dictate who gets second term or not. Fayose is definitely over-reaching himself. Ayo Fayose is an enemy of Oyo and those who have banded with him will crash with him when he falls. 
He boasts like Goliath that he would work against Seyi Makinde's second term because in his mind he is some kind of 'big brother, father or whatever title he delludes himself with. If he thinks he is Goliath, he must remember that it was only with a stone and a sling that David felled the boastful Goliath. 

Fayose is living in a dream Land concocted only by him. He has no power to make or unmake. If he could not make his man win against Fayemi in Ekiti, a land where he fashions himself the Alfa and Omega, how then does he think Oyo people are his subjects who he can dictate to and control or does he think he can sell Oyo to the APC too? 

It is rather unfortunate that Ayo Fayose and his raving lunatic of a PA, Lere Olayinka are attacking a man blessed and chosen by God. 

Funny enough, Fayose has since stopped calling himself, Peter the Rock because the rock was crushed and brought to rubbles by Muhammadu Buhari, so suddenly, he is 'Brother' 'Father', 'king maker'... Meaningless and empty titles. 
A fool and his words are soon parted. Fayose has his day with history. 

  - By Dare Adeleke

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