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Why I Started Bleaching My Skin, Divorced My Husband - Actress Iyabo Ojo Revealed

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Iyabo Ojo 

Alice Iyabo Ojo, a Nollywood star actress and blogger has stated the reason why she started lightening up her skin and what eventually led to the downfall of her marriage. 

In an emotional interview she had yesterday night with Tattersroom, a popular Instagram blog, the 43-year-old actress and mother of two revealed that she started bleaching because her ex-husband made mockery of the dark marks on her face. She equally stated that she finally walked out of the marriage because her husband body-shamed her. 

Iyabo who almost went berserk during the interview stated that she got married at an early age of 21. After having her two children, she discovered she developed ugly and scrubby stretch marks on her stomach. Even on her face, there were discolourations which marred her beautiful face. 

She went ahead to disclose how her ex-husband would call her names, body-shame her and call her dirty. At first, she thought that he would stop but he continued which made her lose her self-esteem and confidence. 

She had to start using lightening cream to brighten the discolourations on her face in order to look appealing to her husband. She felt insignificant, worthless and ashamed of her body because the father of her children looked down on her. 

At a point, she got fed up and had to call it quits and moved away with her kids for her sanity sake. She said her turbulent marriage toughened her and made her able to interpret gangster roles in movies. 

Iyabo was feisty and was raging throughout the interview. The woman interviewing her had to plead with her to relax, say soothing words to calm her nerves but they were not efficacious as Iyabo recalled her chequereed past.

In as much as we haven't heard the husband's part of the story, Iyabo's story is reflective of what many women are passing through in the name of marriages. 

Women lose a greater part of them during childbirth and should never be bullied or disdained by their husbands. Some lose their complexion, get fatter or thinner as the case maybe, some even die in the process. Women are heroes and no sensible man should ever speak ill of his wife because she lost herself during her pregnancy journey.

This is the main reason why Omugwo was introduced by the Igbos so that mothers will replenish the lost nutrients and vitality they lost during pregnancy. 

To all the women out there looking like a shadow of themselves because of their children, please, be strong. Just like Iyabo Ojo who was strengthened by her kids, rejoice. You're a producer of life and you're awesome and special. 

To all men out there, love and appreciate your wife, don't rubbish that woman because she is now looking different after childbirth. Encourage her to embark on healthy activities that will help her restore her self-esteem and confidence.


Iyabo Ojo

Her two kids, Priscilla and Festi Baba

Festi Baba


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