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 As we thread in a perilous world, the need for Christians to always be in the mood of prayers is so imperative and the need to pray without CEASING should be our watchword.

The General Overseer of Bible Faith Deliverance And Miracles Ministry, Bishop (Dr) B.C Eze, whose mission is Transforming Lives and Destinies through Prayer and Preaching of God's WORD, is a Prolific WRITER and a Prophet of God to Nations, made prophecies during their Cross Over Service, 31st night. 
A lot was REVEALED to the Man of God concerning this YEAR 2021  and the state of the NATIONS as directed by God.

The cleric, Bishop Eze, who is a Renowned prophet of God said that
this Year 2021, 

*There shall be shaking in Heavens, Earth and the seas for the Glory of God to Manifest in the Lives of His People (Haggai 2:6-7)

*This is a Year when God will Reverse and Overrule the Evil Decisions of Ungodly People in Governments of Different Nations

* It is a Year of answered Prayers for God's Children. Long awaited Prayers Will Answered By God (Daniel 10:13)

*This is a Year When God's People will Reign over their Enemies (Revelation 5:10)

*This Year, God is going to Raise "Anointed Cyrus" to build His Church (Isaiah 45:1-3)

* It is a Year of Mixed Reactions; those on God's side will Rejoice while those on the Devil's side will Mourn. Therefore, Be on the Lord's side

*It is a Year that God will move the Immoveable Mountains. That is, there will be Divine Solutions to Long-term Problems (Job 9:5)

* It is a Year When those Whose Benefits have been Denied in the Past will take back what belongs to them

*It is a Year that those who have No Covenant with God will Loose things While those who are in Covenant with God will Gain Much

* This Year, be Careful not to Rush into Issues that doesn't concern you so as not to Carry another person's Problem. 

* This Year, the People using their High Positions to Oppress the Less Privileged shall be Disgraced out of Offices 

* This Year, God is going to Expose More, "False Prophets and False Altars"

*This Year, Wealth is going to change hands; God is going to transfer the Wealth of the Wicked into the Hands of the Righteous (Ecclesiastes 2:26)

*It is a Year of Multiple Voices, therefore be Careful Whose Voice and Counsel you will follow

* This Year shall Be a Year of Double Disgrace for those who have hardened their Hearts and have Refused to Repent of their Various Sins and Sexual Immoralities
(Revelation 2:20-23)

"There may be Ugly situations We May Face as we journey through this Year, but God says, we should Trust Him at all times to see us through (Psalm 62:8)

* Much prayers and fastings Are Needed By the Church of Christ as Dark Kingdoms have plans to attack the Church of Christ Worldwide

*It is a Year that those who have not Celebrated nor Dedicated New things for a long time shall do so
(Isaiah 43:18-19)

 *It is a Year When those who have Drawn the sword against God's children Will kill themselves with their swords

* God Said, His People shall not Be ashamed in this Evil Time

*This Year, for those Who Are Connected to us, God Said, it's Our Year of Divine Turnaround (Ezekiel 21:27).

Bishop B.C Eze prayed for viewers and members for a Divine Turnaround as the New year begins and he could be REACHED on +2348035181834, +2348033457921.

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