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The Emir of Kano, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero, has stressed the need for generations of young Nigerians to know their true history, which would re-enforce their confidence as they face a very challenging and globalised world.

He also said unless the people know what they are and how they came about to be what they are, society or the country shall certainly be unable to know where and how to go further.
The Emir gave the admonition  when he paid a courtesy visit to the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba [Dr.] Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi 111, in his palace.

The visit was part of familiarization tour of the Northern Emir to prominent traditional rulers in the South-west since ascending the position of his forefathers.
The Royal Father said he and his entourage have come to Oyo to continue a very ancient relationship that was cultivated and nurtured by his late father, to seek the wisdom and blessing and to demonstrate to the people that both towns are tied by thread of common destiny.

According to him ‘’ the history of Oyo, like that of Kano predates modern day Nigeria by hundreds of years. The two towns have developed very sophisticated system of political, commercial and military expertise that was unequaled. Modern day Oyo, like modern day Kano is a centre of Excellence in Education, culture and commerce.

‘’It is therefore essential that we continue to demonstrate these qualities to the world and to generations of young Nigerians , so that they may come to know our true history, which would re-enforce their confidence as they face a very challenging and globalised world’’.
Describing the Alaafin as an ICON it comes to history , the Emir  pointed out that both towns have the pride of bearing the names of States, hold the prime position of been legendary, big time major trading posts as well as major religious entities that cannot be ignored.
He went further, ‘’Kabiyesi, to every Nigerian, you hold an esteemed position in the realm of public affairs in the country since your momentous coronation way back on 18th November, 1970. 

Your Majestic self and our late father, Alhaji Ado Bayero have availed many heads of government in this country wise counsel which helped to stabilize the policy and ensure peaceful co-existence. I watch you as a Role Model. You are my father and I am with my Baba today. As a patriotic and nationalistic father, Your Majesty is known to have stated way back in 1984 that ‘Traditional Rulers  should be seen as the perfect embodiment of the culture of a place as well as the synthesis of the aspirations and goals of the nation. This is not only in social values of veracity, Egalitarianism, justice and democracy, but in dress, utterances and complement’’.
The elated Emir of Kano while reiterated his commitment to the warm relationship Alaafin had with his late father, said he looked forward to benefitting from Alaafin’s fatherly advice and counsel whenever and wherever the situation arises.

Aminu Ado Bayero also lauded the Alaafin for the fatherly role he has continued to play as the host of  one of the largest Hausa communities in Nigeria.
‘’Your Majesty, we thank you and the people of Oyo and State for the hospitality and acceptance shown to our folks living and making a decent living here and make bold to state that our brothers from this end are living peacefully in Kano’’.
Welcoming his royal guest, the Alaafin who also traced age-long relationship between Oyo and Kano said there was trade treaty agreement between the two towns dated back to the 14th and 15th centuries.

Oba Adeyemi hinted that himself and the late father of the Emir of Kano fought assiduously to ensure that the then late Sanni Abacha’s administration approved five percent allocation to traditional councils’  in all the 774 Local Governments across the country.
The Royal Father recalled that during the Murtala Muhammed administration, himself and father of the incumbent Emir of Kano were among those selected for pilgrimage to the Holy land with the late Head of State, adding that it was in 1991 that the former President Ibrahim Babangida appointed him as Amirrul-Hajj to the holy land during which there was remarkable transformation on Hajj operations.

Oba Adeyemi who appreciated the intellect and wisdom of the Emir of Kano pledged to foster mutual co-existence and harmonious relationships between the two ancient towns.
The two paramount rulers later exchanged gifts and pleasantries.

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