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One of the hallmark of a good prophet is the fulfillment of his prophecies, any one could parade himself as a prophet, but the bottom line remains the fact that the fulfillment of your words of prophecies is what actually crowns you as a good and a credible prophet which the world can venerate and hold in high esteem. 

Many call him a political prophet, some say that he has lost focus, but I want to tell you that Nigeria is in this pathetic and devastating state because our clerics don't tell the government the mind of God, as in the days of Elijah and Isaiah. 

Primate Babatunde Ayodele has proven to be the Nostradamus of our time, he pointed out that Joe Biden is the only man that the defeat Donald Trump in the US presidential election, he also said that he had to choose any of:Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, Gretchen whitemer or Tammy Baldwin as his running mate if he truly wishes to defeat Donald Trump. He also prophesied that Donald Trump will bring up many antics in order to discredit the election and there will be protest and violence that will emanate because of the result of the election. No one was actually expecting what we are all seeing in America now because of the election, their have been accusations of rigging and manipulations, this is actually coming as a surprise because everyone takes America as the watchdog of democracy all over the world. 
It can be recalled that in the 2016 US presidential election, he is one the very few prophets that prophesied that Donald Trump was going to win, in Edo election,he prophesied that Obaseki will be frustrated out of APC, he would go to PDP and still win the Edo election under the umbrella of PDP, many doubted it, but it happened exactly as he prophesied it, he prophesied the Guinea presidential election, he prophesied the Tanzanian presidential elections, he also prophesied that president Quattara of Ivory Coast will go for a third term and still win the election.

Ayodele has been giving accurate prophecies to 1994 and he has over ten thousand fulfilled prophecies to his credit, he told PDP not to give Atiku their president ticket in the last presidential election in Nigeria, he said that the only one that can defeat Buhari is Bukola Saraki, they refused to listen and they lost; when Olusegun Mimiko had problem with APC and was contemplating leaving the party, he told him not to leave and advised him to give Akeredolu the party ticket if he still wanted the APC to remain the ruling party in the state.

Ayodele has asserted his authority in the world of prophecies, making him the global prophet that prophesied the coming of Covid-19, two years earlier. Being a global and one of the best prophets in the world at the moment, his church has become a place of pilgrimage as many people from all over the world visit him for God's guidance and spiritual leading as every nation of the world has prophecies in his book titled "warnings to the nations".

The prophet is working towards expanding his church as his global prophecies keeps shaking the entire African and the entire world.

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