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Ayodele Gives America Warning Against Another Possible Terrorist Attack

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The fact is that Primate Babatunde Ayodele is one of the best prophets in the world and this is not debatable, what stuns me about his prophecies is that he gives them even years earlier.That's how you ascertain a prophet that has a real leading of the spirit;not does that read events to give prophecies when certain things have been made explicit. 

Ayodele said that Ebola was going to resurface in Dr Congo,he also prophesied that Donald Trump will not be impeached when they wanted to impeach him,but he maintained the fact that Trump will not be re-elected if he contests again; he went ahead to mention Joe Biden as the "chosen one" that can defeat Donald Trump in the US presidential election ,he said  it a year before Joe Biden emerged as the flag bearer of the Democrats, they all happened exactly the way he said them. What other form of assessment or evaluation does a prophet need, if not for the fulfillment of his prophecies to indicate that they are truly divine revelations. 

Many called him a fake prophet, a political prophet, and a prophet of doom,when he gave the prophecy that senator Douye Diri was going to be the governor of Bayelsa state, based on the Initial outcome of the election, many thought that his prophecy had failed, until David Lyon of APC was replaced with Douye Diri before he was sworn in. 

Yesterday the supreme court affirmed his victory and sealed a fulfilled prophecy for Ayodele,before Boris Johnson became the Prime Minister of Britain, Ayodele prophesied it since 2016,before Umahi defected to APC, Ayodele said it immediately he got elected under the platform of PDP, Ayodele said it that Umahi will dump the party for APC, the protest by Nigerian youths against police brutality and bad governance, the Air Force  helicopter that was shot down by Boko-Haram,the coming of corona virus pandemic since 2017,the prophecy that Buhari's administration will bring so much hardship, suffering and hunger to Nigerians, didn't they all happened?,Nigerians are groaning and praying for this administration to end because it has brought total hardship on the masses.

In his recent prophecies ,he said that the vaccine for corona virus pandemic would be discovered between May and June next year, but the pandemic will not go into extinction, he also warned Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu state , Benedict Ayada and Tambuwa not to defect to APC because it will stunt their political career, he also warned PDP to be careful of a friend that will later become an enemy, he said that the world should pray against plan crash that would involve personalities in the world, he  said that their would be new sickness that will trouble WHO, world Health organisation. 

The prophet said that Nigeria should pray against serial killings that would eclipse the nation by next year, he said that Buhari's administration will face greater challenges as banks like Eco bank, sterling bank, Polaris bank, unity bank will experience serious financial crisis and they will sack their staff, he said that Gtb would engage in a financial project that will put them into huge debt. He warned America of an imminent terrorist attack,it can be recalled that al-Qaeda network masterminded the 2001 terrorist attack on America through Osama Bin Laden, he is imploring America to be very careful and pray against it; he and advised Nigerian government to invest and concentrate more on agriculture in order to alleviate the suffering in the country.

He warned Tinubu that if he contests 2023 election,he will be disgraced.It is very explicit that Primate Ayodele is a prophet that has prophecies for people in every sphere of life because he warned the super Eagles that if they don't get early goal between the 1st and the 25th minutes of their match against Sierra Leone ,they will not will the match, everyone knows that Nigeria played a barren draw with them.

He has shown that he is a divine prophet that God gave the world for total spiritual guidance in every area of life because he says them years before that start happening, you can criticise him, you can call him anything you wish but you can not deny the fact that his prophecies always get fulfilled.


  1. the prophet has spoken, America need to be careful

  2. We thank God for giving us so a great prophet in this our generation