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The Igogo Festival: See Reasons Why King Olowo Of Owo Must Dress Like A Woman And Dance Round Owo Town

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By Solanke Ayomideji Taiwo 

The Igogo festival is one of the cultural event of the people of Owo, the festival has been around for over 600 years to honor the queen Oronsen, a mythical wife of Rerengejen. The festival, which occurs September every year is a glamour to behold, people around the Owo town and beyond come out in their thousands to celebrate and offer prayers for the well being of the people of Owo through sacrifice offer to appease the goddess Oronsen. The king must dress in Coral Beaded Crown and in addition plaits his hair like a woman and dance round the town of Owo followed by the people of Owo. During the festival drumming and shooting of gun is not allowed, but rather Agogo is used Instead.

The story that gave birth to igogo festival is very fascinating, this is about a king who fell in love with a beautiful woman, who unknowing to the king was a goddess, but for the quest to marry her, she presented some stringent rules to the king that his wives must adhere to . These restrictions were difficult to keep. The king instructed that the following taboo nobody should break , grind okra in her presence or pour water into the yard. In addition, anyone arriving from the farm must not lump a load of firewood.
These rules were strictly adhered to by everyone but one faithful day, oronsen had a quarrel with the other wives of the king and they conspired to break her taboo when the king was not around to make her angry. The taboos were violated and she left the palace, every effort to persuade her to return to the palace prove abortive. She ran out of the village to the outskirt of the town, when the kings guard tries to forcefully capture her back to the palace, she disappeared into the sacred forest (Igbo Oluwa ).

This was not a good omen to the village as she had lay curses upon the land. The goddess promised that people of Owo, would die of famine or sickness if the King and his chiefs did not celebrate every year a ceremony in her honour but she also promise that if the village will offer sacrifice and appease the goddess's then prosperity and well being will come back to the Owo people .

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