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Rt Hon Dr Solomon Wining Uchenna, the presidential aspirant comes 2023 with Restoration Mandate to move nigeria forward and to restore Nigeria's lost glory.  He is therefore expressing his deepest appreciation to all Nigerians for their patience especially in times like this when the whole world is been ravaged by the corona virus pandemic. However, gives a message of hope to all, reiterating that with ceaseless prayers, everything will brought back systematically and progressively.

Fellow Nigerians,
Your Excellency’s,
Honorable gentleman & ladies of This Great Movement.

I Dr Solomon Wining Sincerely Appreciate
all of you for the good works you are doing in your respective zones, Regions, locations & States.

I See A New Nigeria,
A Nigeria where my people will live without fear of the boko Haram killing us in the North East, Fulani heads men killing in the south east, ethnic cleansing in the southern kaduna etcetera. A Nation where security of lives & property is key.

A Nigeria where Jobs will be waiting for our younger graduates as soon as they finished schooling.
 A Nigerian where strangers can not tell the difference between a Muslim and a Christian. A Nigerian were one will not get a job because he belong to particular region or religion but on merit.

A Nigerian where as the pride of Africa we shall be consulted on world Economy matter. A Nigeria where peace and prosperity becomes sacrosanct.
A Nigeria where the life of one poor Nigerian man is as important as the lives of a million rich men, a country were all life matters.
A Nigerian where the sanctity of life is unnegotiable & not taking for granted, it security of lives and property is secured.
I See A Restore State of Our Economic. 
An Economy that would challenge the best Economy of the world.
An Economy where Naira equals dollar, yarn etcetera.
I see an Economy where the forgotten naira, Kobo would again regain relevance. An Economy were the ordinary man on the street would not sleep on an empty stomach.
A Nigeria where, food would not cost more than life or it's seller.

I See Nation with Good Infrastructure, good road network,
Houses are not left empty for two long without an occupant. A Hopeful Nigeria Nation with destination, a Nation that defines where it is, where it's heading and where it would get to at a particular point in time.

A hopeful Nation where it's people are the final Judge not manipulated by it's elite leadership finance, a Nation where it's national reward system is rested on the hands of it's citizens. 
A Nation where the people are truly kings, a Country with 24hrs Power Supply, A Nation where Youths are truly Empowered, Technologically, Academically & Financial wise.

I See A Nation With International Standard of Hospitals Across The Nation, A Nation that is Debts free, 
Where the leaders would not leave debts for it's next generation to pay but a foundation of wealth creation. A Nation where the direction of the destination of it's country would consume it's citizens that there would be no time for out-laws, a Nation truly bound with peace and Unity.

I See A Nation where Youth From The Age of 25Yrs to 35yrs are eligible to be Senators, House of Rep members, making powerful Decision that would truly shape the Nation's affairs. 

I See A Nation Free of Killings, where the sanctity of life is respected, a Nation where religion security is respected, a Nigerian where freedom of religion is law and no form of ethnic cleansing is hidden under the carpet & it's citizens would not be afraid to mingle or travel to any part of the country. 

Corruptions; a Cankerworm that has eaten the fabrics of this Nation, a demon that has keep it's feet against the progress of my people, saddled with it's brother arm Robbery and their little sister Kidnapping, I see a Nation where you would be ostracize out of our land for ever,
Your Visa burnt and your wings clip your love once jailed and the key lost, there would be no hope for your survival because your end has finally come, your secret supports sent on exile without hope of returning, tell me oh Nation killer were is your power?
You that had made the Nation sick, you that has made it's citizens poor in there land that flows with milk & honey, a land that was for-told would take over the world's Economy, a land where it's citizens ought to be respected as kings among other nations. 
Oh, how have thou falling oh giant of Africa to corruption, I see a Nation with determination to pluck off your eyes, cut off you legs, clip off your fingers and feed you to the Lions, there shall no longer be a place for you among the people.

I Call on all the People; Young, old, Women, Men, Businessman, workers, Muslims, Christians, Atheist, Clergymen, Imams, Both Within And Outside This Nation, all who Believe Strongly In Our Nation should throw away sectionalism, tribalism, regionalism & religion Join Hands together Support Dr. Solomon Uchenna Wining a Visionary leader to fix this nation and restore it to it's lost Glory and values of it's beloved founding fathers, the only country we can call home.

Dr Hon Solomon Wining has volunteer to lead this great country, Nigeria as president Come 2023.
And he is set to MOVE NIGERIA forward being Trusted, Transparent, Responsible, Credible, & Dependable Service to all.
"I  See A New Dawn", he added

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