"Olamide Alli's Ex, Chris Ndukwe Has a Violent History" - Olamide Alli's Sister Speaks Out - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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"Olamide Alli's Ex, Chris Ndukwe Has a Violent History" - Olamide Alli's Sister Speaks Out

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WARNING: Graphics photos. See photos of couple involved in murder ...

The murder-suicide story of Olamide Alli has left several people amazed by how women manage to get into abusive relationships and why they only check a man's financial and physical capabulites when jumping into a relationship while ignoring their mental stability. Here is a first-person account of the incidents running up to the sad end of Olamide and Chris (fondly called Femi):

To set the records straight, the Late Olamide didn’t have a child outside her relationship, the so called Femi who his real name is Chris Ndukwe, a serial killer who killed his fiancee, escaped from Phc where he tried to kill his ex who he threw down a two storey building some years back but fortunately the babe survived and has been relocated to Canada by her family.
He happened to lie to Olamide she met him and fell in love in her second year, had a child for him then when she finished school a second one came. Her parents are like you guys are in love why not tie the knot and wedding was fixed for next month. Olamide lives with her parents.
The so called Femi asked her to come and visit with the kids. Olamide went with her nanny not her sister like the blogs reported.
On Sunday he sent his security man around 10 to get him tape which the guy did. In the evening he asked Olamide to come join him in the room, he was almost drowning a bottle of Hennessy XO, he put on music very loud and tied her to the chair and taped her mouth, used a plier to remove her braids one after the other, then he plucked her eyes, stabbed her 11 times before she died, he then drank two bottles of sniper and killed himself. The nanny came knocking on the door and no response she went to call on their neighbor who called the estate security they came in and called no response they called the Mobile police in the estate to come they broke the door and saw the horrible sight. Now this so called Femi moved into that house 3weeks ago as he was planning to settle down with her. To set the records straight a paternity test is being carried out by her parents. Because the said kids all look like their dad but her parents want to set the records straight. Femi’s family have been alerted and they are on their way from Enugu today. I wonder why blogs won’t verify news before they publish. This gist is first hand from Olamide’s family.

One of his Exes, Maryjane has also come to give her own account of what happened between her and Femi - read her comments below:

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