NANS S-WEST Commends FG's Effort Towards Controlling Coronavirus Pandemic, Preaches Precautions For Nigerian Students - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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NANS S-WEST Commends FG's Effort Towards Controlling Coronavirus Pandemic, Preaches Precautions For Nigerian Students

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In the last few weeks, the relatively unknown Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) has become a worldwide scourge, attracting tremedous international concern. It has threatened the public health and safety of millions of individuals and has diversely affected the global economy.
Our educational sector have millions of people that interact daily physically and socially. Therefore, it is incumbent on us to identify key priorities and design measures that can be utilized by staff and students to keep the educational sector informed, safe and protected.

The National Association of Nigerian Students South West Zone (NANS Zone D) ably led by Comrade Kappo Samuel Olawale, writes to appreciate the relentless efforts made so far by the Lagos, Oyo, Osun and Ogun state governors and the Federal Government towards fighting and preventing the fast spread of the Corona Virus amidst the people of the states and the nation at large. It has become a matter of importance to share with the entire students of the Southwestern zone and Nigeria in general the severity of the COVID-19 situation which has caused drastic changes in the lifestyle of our people.
As it is now, preventing the spread of the virus is imperative in order for all the good people of South West Zone, especially students to escape the looming pandemic which has taken the lives of thousands of people all over the world.

We solidarize with the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Ministry of Health for the swift and effective efforts they have put in place to contain the spread of the disease in the country and also the South West Governors for directing the closure of schools and other public institutions that may be more open to causing the uncontrollable spread of the disease. The closure is not intended to create panic but to arrest the spread of the disease, which has become a global threat.
Government has said the ban on high-density gatherings affects all schools whether they are public or privately run, as well as all religious activities in the state. It said this is due to the global spread of the virus, which resulted in the recent ban of all high-density gatherings in the country.
Therefore, we appreciate and applaud the State and Federal government of Nigeria for taking this preventive action towards preventing the spread of COVID'19  amidst Nigerian citizens and most especially  the Nigerian Students.

The Deputy Coordinator NANS Zone D implores all Nigerian students to take heed and do all necessary things so as to be safe pending the time there will be a solution to this deadly virus.

To be on a safer side, we advice all students in the Zone and its environs to strictly take precautionary measures which include:
- Frequent washing of hands with soap and water that helps in killing viruses that may be on the hand.
- Using ethanol based hand sanitizer,
- Keeping hands away from the face as much as possible,
- Maintain social distance of at least 1metre (3feets) between anyone with the symptoms (coughing or sneezing), 
- Stay at home when you fell unwell. If you have fever, cough and difficulty in breathing, kindly seek medical attention in advance.
- Stay informed on the latest developments about COVID-19. Follow advice given by your healthcare provider and also stay calm.
- No shaking of hands and also,
- Observe self-isolation if you just got back from high-risk countries.

It is also pivotal for every one to wait on the Ministry of Health for every piece of reliable information that is necessary to control the disease. Spreading fake news about unconfirmed developments is highly discouraged.
In the same vein, we humbly inform our ever-concerned government, particulary the South West state governors to make sure every step is taken to contain the spread of COVID-19 so it does not hinder smooth running of academic activities of students for a very long time and the lively hood of good citizens of the country.

Conclusively, NANS South West Zone implores the Federal Government to take a remedial action towards this saddening and deadly disease.
We pray that all efforts to control COVID-19 in the South West Zone and Nigeria in general will not be in vain.

_Until all are Freed,_
_All remain Slaves._


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