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Outrage: Teacher Beat 14 years Old Student To Death

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14-year-old schoolgirl dies after being caned

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A Burundi schoolgirl has passed away after being whipped by her teacher mercilessly.

The incident occurred in Bujumbura, the capital city of the Eastern Africa country.

Chadia Nishimwe, 14, was reportedly caned on the neck and legs, and the beating also caused her to bleed from the nose and ears.

“She just died in class after being cruelly beaten by her teacher. They dumped her at the head teacher’s office,” Her father, Mr Misago said.

According to Mr. Misago, the head teacher arranged her daughter to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival by the doctor.

Chadia died on Tuesday and was buried on the same day, Mr Misago said.

The schoolgirl was punished for breaking class rules.“the child succumbed to an epileptic seizure after a caning of students who did not do a given assignment”.

Corporal punishment is illegal in Burundi.

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