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Drama As Nigerian Wife Denies Husband’s Sister Access Into Their House (Photo)

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A Nigerian lady has taken to the micro blogging platform to narrate an incident she witnessed between her neighbour and her husband’s sister who came visiting without putting out a call to inform them of her coming. The wife presumably finds her in-law intrusive hence refusing her passage into their home.

The lady who identifies as Little pet on twitter, shared how despite the pleadings, the woman yet still denies her in-law passage into her home. Confused about such occurrence, she had to throw an open question on the platform inquiring whether what the Nigerian wife did was wrong or right.

According to the post, she wrote;

”My neighbour just denied her husband’s sister access to the house because she didn’t call her before coming, claiming it’s her home and the other claiming it’s her brother’s house. Is she right or wrong?”

The post has generated a lot of reactions and incited an argument amongst Nigerians who found the wife guilty, and accusing her of ”Toxic wokeness”. Although, some out-rightly condemned the husband’s sister for not respecting  other people boundaries and walking into people’s home unannounced.  See some of the reactions below;

Tell us who’s wrong between them, the wife or man’s sister.

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