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Animals: Big Time Celebrities And Their Extremely Weird Pets

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If you have a dog or a cat as a pet, I won't be mad at you trust me. I can even babysit your parrots for you. But when you start to have some strange animals as a pet, we can't be friends. I won't even come around your home or visit uninvited anyhow. 

However, some celebrities think otherwise and they have gone ahead to fulfill their wildest dreams and desires. Let's celebrate the bravery of these celebrities. 

Paris Hilton’s Kinkajou


We all know Paris Hilton is partially responsible for starting the trend that led to small dogs being dressed up and carried in purses, but the heiress also owns more exotic pets. Her kinkajou, named Baby Luv, gained attention in 2006 when it bit her. Maybe it was trying to protect itself from being dressed up as one of her prissy pooches?

Salvador Dali’s Ocelot

source: pinterest

Surrealist artist Salvador Dali was an eccentric man, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that he had an unconventional pet to match his personality. Dali owned an ocelot named Babou. He traveled everywhere with his feline companion. At one point, Dali brought Babou to a swanky New York restaurant and tied him to the table leg. A woman protested, saying a wild animal wasn’t allowed into a dining establishment, but Dali explained that it was only a cat he’d painted in op-art style. Embarrassed, the woman agreed that the animal was indeed a domestic cat.

Mike Tyson’s White Tigers


There’s a tiger in the bathroom! Mike Tyson’s fictional pet tiger became famous in the hit 2009 comedy The Hangover, but few people know Tyson actually owned several white tigers. Unfortunately, he had to give his feline friends away after taking care of them became too expensive.

Tippi Hedren’s Lion


During the 1970s, actress, and model Tippi Hedren, mother of actress Melanie Griffith, came up with a wild idea. She decided to open a sanctuary for big cats just 30 miles outside of Los Angeles. However, not all of the animals stayed in the sanctuary. Her family brought home a fully-grown lion to keep as a pet. The family’s everyday life with the lion, which they named Togar, was captured in a famous 1970’s photoshoot.

Nicolas Cage’s King Cobras


Nicolas Cage drew inspiration for his character in the movie Ghost Rider from an unlikely source – his King Cobra, Sheba. The actor revealed in an interview that his cobra hated him. Every time he came in to feed her, she would turn her back to him and sway from side to side in an attempt to hypnotize him. The markings on a cobra’s back resemble an eye, which adds to the eeriness of their mesmerizing defense mechanism. Cage wanted his character in the movie to captivate and terrify the audience at the same time, so he mimicked the actions of his snake during certain scenes.

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