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Woman Paid Men To Kill Her Husband Then Slept With One Of The Killers

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Recall the story of a man whose decomposed body was found months after he was declared missing by family and friends.

More facts have emerged as to how the man identified as Tyger met his untimely death.

His wife, Douglas Ajemine, has been arrested by operatives of the Inspector General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team for paying two men to kill her husband, the deceased.

The 41-year-old mother of four, who was apprehended in the Abalama area of the state, started having a love affair with one of the killers, Kingsley Nna, after the gruesome murder of her husband, Inedugoba Tyger.

After her arrest, Ajemine claimed that she hired Nna and his friend, Sunny, to carry out the mission because her late husband was in the habit of abusing her physically and sexually each time he came home.

She said at a point, Tyger abandoned her and moved into a new apartment in Port Harcourt, the state capital, with another woman.

Inedukoba Charles Tyger

The suspect said that it was in a bid to stop being abused by him that she got across to Nna and his friend, who eventually carried out the evil task.

According to findings by the team, the victim’s wife, in a bid to cover up the crime, took his car to a nearby market and parked it at a place where it could be recovered.

She went ahead to use his mobile phones to send text massages to his brothers, informing them that he was travelling out of the state on a business trip.

But the brothers, having waited days without hearing from their sibling, reported his sudden disappearance to the IGP, who immediately ordered an investigation into the matter.

After her arrest, Ajemine led police operatives to arrest Nna, who had been having sex with her after killing Tyger.

Recounting how he died, “Another time, my husband came to my place and tried to forcibly have sex with me, I called Kingsley (Nna) on the phone to come.

Douglas Ajemine, wife

“He came with one of his friends and started beating my husband. I left them inside the house and when I returned, I was told that he had died. Kingsley warned me not to tell anyone or else he would kill me and my children. My husband’s body was buried close to our house.

“I later sold his phone for N15,000 and Kingsley started demanding money from me. I gave him N150,000 but he went ahead to start having sex with me. Not too long after then, officers of the IRT came and arrested me.”


Confessing to the crime, Nna said Ajemine paid him and his friend N100,000 to beat her husband, adding that the woman pressured him into a sexual relationship with her soon afterwards.

One day, she called and said that she wanted us to beat the man. In January this year, she gave us N50,000 and said she would call us whenever the man was with her in Abalama.

“Some days later, she called us and said that her husband was with her but we couldn’t make it down to her place that day. On January 26, she called again in the afternoon and said the man was coming and that we should come and beat him.

“When we got there, we met the two of them naked, as if they had just finished making love. The room was dark and the woman put on a torch so that we would see the man on the bed. Sunny wrapped the man’s face with a wrapper and a pillow, then I started beating him.

“He woke up and started struggling. He removed what was used to tie his face, saw Sunny and recognised him. The two of them started speaking their Kalabari language. I don’t know what they were saying but Sunny insisted that we should kill the man since he had seen his face.

“I held him and Sunny strangled him. We informed the woman who was outside when this happened that her husband was dead but she said she didn’t instruct us to kill him.

“She gave us a shovel and showed us where to bury him. The next day, she called and gave us N30,000. That evening, she called and said she wanted me to make love to her.

“We met at a hotel and made love for two hours. One week later, we met again in that same hotel and made love again. We made love a third time before I stopped responding to her calls because she wanted to turn me to her new husband.”

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