GRAPHIC PHOTO: Man Arrested After Killing A Prostitute For Ritual Purposes - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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GRAPHIC PHOTO: Man Arrested After Killing A Prostitute For Ritual Purposes

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A man has been arrested for killing a prostitute for ritual purposes at his house located inside Corporation Estate, Mile 12, Lagos.

According to reports, the unidentified suspect revealed that a herbalist, Segun, told him to kill the victim at exactly 12 midnight and bring her private parts.

An eyewitness said: “Around 11:30pm, my friend and I were outside our gate because there was no light.

This dude walked past us with a girl and 30 minutes later, we heard a noise from the girl twice, shouting, “help me, please help me” and the noise died down.

A man later walked up to us and asked if we heard any noice and we said yes. The man said he knows where it came from, so we ran to the main gate to tell the security guards that there should be no movement in or out of the estate.

As the suspect was walking up to the gate to leave, we stopped him and told him that we heard a noise, but he initially said he does not know anything about it.

I then moved close to him to tell him that we saw him when he entered with a girl and asked what happen between them. That was when he said that they had a misunderstanding and have settled it.

I, however, insisted that we need to see the girl and hear from her if all is well. We then walked him back to his house and upon entering the compound, we saw lot of blood on the floor and a knife.

He then confessed that he wanted to use the deceased for ritual and it was only her private parts that he was instructed to bring.” 

See graphic photo below.

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