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3 Ways To Responsibly Refuse Sexual Advances

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It’s normal to feel a bit confused when someone makes unwanted advances, especially if they’re being flirtatious. However, you don’t owe anyone anything, including excuses or apologies. Whether the advances are from a friend, someone you’ve just met, or a person in your workplace, you have the right to say “no” and have your choice acknowledged. However,  there are more responsible ways to rebuff advances from suitors or flirts as the case may be. They are mentioned below. 

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Tell Them 'No'

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Telling them that you don’t think that it would work out or that you aren’t right for each other, or that you aren’t ready for a relationship right now will leave the door open for future possibilities. This can lead to more advances and hurt feelings. Just simply say 'no' without having to explain yourself. 

Distance Yourself 

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Avoid the temptation to comfort the person with a hug, touching, or sitting close together. Instead, create a space between you and the person. Cross your arms over your body, and keep your facial expression serious. And If they insist,  always advisable to leave the situation.

Don't Explain Your Reasons For Rejection

Image source: wiki how. com

You don’t have to explain your choices, so firmly state your refusal and then leave it at that. Never apologise for how you feel and always avoid conversations with them if you realise they are trying to convince you to change your mind.

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