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SAD! Nigerian Lady Breaks Down In Tears Over Inability To Find A Husband In Lagos (Video)

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There have been a sad viral video of a supposedly frustrated Nigerian lady who took to the street of Lagos to sob uncontrollably about her inability to get herself a husband at her age. Watch video below;

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Lady takes to the street of #Surulere to express her frustration over inability to find a husband

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The outrageous video which has become something of a growing sensation has sparked reactions from  on-line users who found the mild drama by the unknown lady absurd. According to the blogger, thefamousblog, the Nigerian Lady who was pictured wearing a black gown and something of a wig on her hair cried bitterly on a busy street in Surulere. The lady who expressed her  frustration over inability to find a husband threaten to kill her self if God doesn’t answer her prayers.

In the viral video, she was heard saying, ”Why Has God Forsaken Me, I Will Kill Myself”? Why? She spoke these words as she queried God on the reason why her own case is has been different and why she has been forsaken.

Having a husband to some ladies should not be the ultimate fulfilment, some basic life achievement like, getting an education, working a very good job,  pursuing a dream no matter how ridiculous, it’d seem in the beginning. But unfortunately the Nigerian society put in so much expectations on the shoulders of the average single Ladies.  See reactions;

Some people could go on living life even after not getting married despite approaching their late forties. They said, that’s every woman’s desire, which i find untrue is to settle down. But,has it gotten to the point, where women take to the street to vent their frustration? Evidently, yes.  Some factors pushes the average single Nigerian lady to go the extremes,  all because they want to settle and be addressed as married women. Factors like family, relatives, peer group, societal pressure and so forth.

At a certain age, if you are on unmarried as a woman in the Nigerian society there is alot that comes to play. Harassment from the general public, family disregarding her, and other emotional crippling factors.

The average Nigerian lady, with ample hair, a decent body not overweight, suddenly takes to the busy streets of Lagos pleading to know why she had no husband  proves how the pressure to conform to the set standards is causing more havoc in the society. Sadly, from the video, you could see that Nigerians otherwise chose to ignore her and calmly went about their lives. Simply leaving  the frustrated woman to go home, look into her mirror, and confront the painful reality.

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