Removing The South East From National Assembly Leadership Is Dangerous For Nigeria - APC Chief - AMEBO FEEDS BLOG


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Removing The South East From National Assembly Leadership Is Dangerous For Nigeria - APC Chief

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Top ruling party chietain, Hon. Demian Igbokwe said the Buhari-led administration is insentitive to the gradual drifting of the country into total disunity as the third leg of the tripod holding Nigeria up is being starved and neglected. 

The National Coordinator of Coalition of South-east Youths for Buhari (COSYB), a support group that worked for President Buhari's re-election last March, explained that Mr. President and the APC leadership are deliberately neglecting appeals for the office of the Deputy Senate President to be zoned to the South East, lamenting that the region has been completely sidelined in helms of political affairs at the federal level.

In a interview he granted Igbere TV in Abuja on Monday, Igbokwe  perturbed, “It’s against the federal character arrangement for this Administration to look the other way while the Southeast is sidelined in the helms of political affairs. It’s absurd for anyone to refer to the Southeast as a zone the nation can do without. 

"I am seeing a nation drifting into total disunity, and I am surprised that those running the system are very comfortable with it. It’s also very sad for anyone to subject the Southeast to the condition of begging to be accommodated. 

"How do we reconcile the fact that the third leg of a tripod is being neglected in a nation State where the Igbo, the Yoruba and the Hausa/Fulani are the biggest three?

Is it not funny that the Yoruba and the Hausa/Fulani want to take everything with what they have introduced as a new lexicon in our national politics? 

Hon. Demian Igbokwe

They ask: What did the Southeast bring to the table? When did that become a national benchmark for national inclusion on the basis of population, spread and just whatever?

“We have had Assemblies before this 8th and 9th. All the previous Assembly arrangements have been accommodative to all the zones of the nation, why would the 8th and 9th Assemblies be such a ridiculous set-up? If you have six or ten offices to share among six geopolitical zones,why would any zone take two at the expense of others?We can now see through the hypocrisy of some of our so-called leaders, he said.

Igbokwe also dispeled the assertion that the South-east did not vote for President Buhari during the elections.

He said, "I said before, I have always found that laughable, because, the Southeast voted for the APC, but results were written against APC by the Southeast PDP which, I believe, was done in connivance with a part of APC high command. I know what I am saying because I participated fully in the elections. I am not ashamed to say it,we from the Southeast played into the hands of those who do not want any good for us.”

He went on to allege a conspiracy against the region pointing to the Rochas Okorocha's certificate debacle with the National Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) as a palusible indication.

According to him, “The INEC dribbling on Owelle Rochas Okorocha’s Certificate of Return, is  a sad proof that somebody or a group somewhere does not want to see the Igbo in a major political position in the land and I am surprised that our leaders are not talking,they are all systematically gagged! 

"All of these were orchestrated,in the first place,to quarantine the Southeast into a cull de sac from where we can merely plead,as we are doing,for a crumb from the master’s table without a position in the next Assembly or any where that could offer us a strong leadership voice in the country.”

He said, “From the arrangement on ground, the Muslim/ Muslim slot will tell badly of the next Assembly! The Senate President, a Muslim and the Speaker and his Deputy,from all indications, Muslims. 

The Judiciary,another arm of government itself, is also headed by a Muslim;both at the level of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal.

So what has happened to our balancing ideals in a secular State like ours? Or have we suddenly become an Islamic nation without knowing as some are wont to allege? APC, are we that insensitive to fundamental realities and nuances as a Party or are we condemned,cursed to make these mistakes that will never allow any escape route when President Buhari eventually ends his tenure in 2023?", he quizzed.

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