How 90 Years Old Landlady, Daughter Were Killed In Lagos By An Househelp Employed Less Than A Week - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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How 90 Years Old Landlady, Daughter Were Killed In Lagos By An Househelp Employed Less Than A Week

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The entire people of Ogunlana, Lawanson and Ojuelegba axis of Lagos State were thrown into panic early hours on Thursday over heinous act of an house help who was employed on Monday this week, barely one week after his employment, who slaughtered his boss and grandma in cold blood in Surulere today. 

The incident happened at Ogunlana Drive between the hour of 12-1am according to a source, the boy who hailed from Benue State killed the landlady and her daughter but was caught by member of OPC and other security men on night patrol.

According to a family source, the house help was sent by the landlady on Tuesday Morning, a day after he was employed to help her withdraw some money from a nearby ATM, the boy developed greed instantly upon seeing the credit balance in the deceased account, which may have prompted him to commit the wicked act. 

During the hours of the killing, he was reported to have switched on generator, to prevent other neighbors from hearing the agonizing pain or cry for help of his victims, the woman and her daughter were forced to transfer N1m before killing them, which is the daily transfer limit into his account, before then, their mobile phones were taken away by the boy to cut them away from every forms of help. 

Another familiar source said upon interrogation, the boy planned to set the building on fire, to make the crime look like a fire disaster but later changed his mind to run away with all he had looted from the family. 

Properties including TV, decoder, gold jewelries, cash and other valuables were looted and packed into the deceased Toyota Camry car before taking off, while on the run, he was accosted by the nearby OPC members who challenged him upon seeing his suspicious moves, his bad driving skill gave him out as he was reported to have colluded with the vehicle conveying some neighborhood watch officials, which prompted the question of where he was going at that late hour of the day, he swiftly reacted that the landlady who is now deposited at the mortuary along side her daughter Oreoluwa sent her on an errand.

But not satisfied, they took him to the house to confirm, when they got to the house, the criminal boy prevented the security from coming into the compound by locking the gate immediately he went into the building, they scaled fence and discovered both the landlady and her daughter in the pool of blood. 

While the OPC and a security nearby were trying to gain entrance into the building, the boy jumped in his bid to escape through the back of the house but unluckily for him, he was apprehended. 

The landlady was due to celebrate her 90th birthday in Abeokuta in October before her untimely death while her daughter Oreoluwa who just got married was a few months pregnant before she was killed by a boy they employed few days ago as their househelp, he is now at the police station while the family and friends of the deceased are in deep pain.

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