Latest Pix Of Man Who Drank "Gutter Water" To Celebrate PMB - Politics - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Latest Pix Of Man Who Drank "Gutter Water" To Celebrate PMB - Politics

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In Nigeria of today, some people don't even care if a news is fake or not, as most of these news satisfy and appeals to their inherent hate and distrust for other people, they just swallow it hook, line and sinker and start propagating such unfounded information as the gospel truth. Any news against Northerners, Buhari, Muslim in general (Muslim from the North or South) is a valid and authentic news. No doubt about it.

If you even try to tell them to exercise restraint and confirm the authenticity of the news, they would band you a supporter of the bad guys/villians in the unconfirmed and doubtful story.

It's just pathetic. Some would be referencing a Facebook page or an unknown blog as the source of a sensitive news.

It's even more worrisome that some hitherto reputable organisations are now lifting news reports from some of these mushroom reporters. And the news just go on a merry-go-round.

Woe to those who those who take news from Fani Kayode as revelation.

Shame and woe to such uncultured beings. You know yourselves fools.

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