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Husspuppi Confused Fans, Post Mopha's old receipt of Rolls Royce

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Like he promised yesterday Hushpuppi finally posts the receipt of his Rolls Royce today, but their seems to be a mild drama after posting it.

The receipts showing that the car costs 1.4M dirham approx. (US$397k) a whopping N144M he also posted his 2keys and revealed that the car is specially customised for him and has His name “Ray Hushpuppi” encrusted on it.

Nightlife ED, Cubana Chief Priest, on sighting the receipts, claimed the it belongs to Mompha a Nigerian big boy. And claim seems to be substantial after Mompha wondered why Huspuppi would posts his receipts as a proof.

Cubana Chief Priest on reacting to Hushpuppi’s posts, wrote;

I Can Bet My Life No 2019 RR Was Bought, This First Video From @pauloo2104 No Show Us Customized Area, Na As Receipt ๐ŸงพIssue Burst Out You Come Go Do Detachable Black Market Customization….You No Even Show Us Video As You Dey Show Us If Dem Customize Shoe For You….Well, Post The Receipt ๐ŸงพOf This Car That Makes Me Need Prayers N I Will Credit Any Person Of Your Choice 1 Million Naira But If You Fail To Do So After NightFall I Will Post The Two Cars Registrations PaperWork, Dem Register Am For Your Name Because Say You Get Dubai Drivers License No Be Say You Get Am, RR No Dey Do Specifications For 2017 Motor, It Must Be Same Year(2019), We Hole Am Since Dey Wait You, Before You Come Dubai Men Don Dey Dubai, Motivate Boys Right, Nothing Hard To Open WADROBE Or Drawer Or Wallet Comort Receipt ๐Ÿงพ Show Us As You Don Dey Show Us All This While… We Need paperworks Not ArtWork๐Ÿ–ผ #CubanaChiefPriest๐Ÿ”‘

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