Gubernatorial Elections: More Trouble For Sanwo-Olu As Ambode Ex-Commissioner Pulls Massive Support For Agbaje In Epe - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Gubernatorial Elections: More Trouble For Sanwo-Olu As Ambode Ex-Commissioner Pulls Massive Support For Agbaje In Epe

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Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s Former Commissioner of Energy, Wale Oluwo, has assured the people of Epe that the Governorship Candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, Jimi Agbaje, would continue the developmental strides begun by his former boss in the town.

Oluwo also assured the gathering that the scandalous land acquisitions in the Epe and Lekki-Ajah axis would be reviewed in the people’s favour should PDP win the Lagos Governorship Elections.

Oluwo, an Epe indigene, told the thousands of citizens who gathered for Agbaje’s rally in the Marina beach area of the town that the infrastructural constructions begun by the incumbent Governor embarked upon would not be abandoned under Agbaje.

Oluwo said: “Agbaje and his Deputy have assured me that they will continue the good work that Ambode began in Epe but has not been allowed to finish.”

Echoing Oluwo’s words, Agbaje’s Running Mate, Haleemat Oluwayemisi Busari, whose paternal roots are in Epe, also assured her kinsmen that there would be no abandoned projects in the town.

On the massive pilfering of land in the area, Oluwo said: “All our land that they forcefully acquired, JK will review. Those that can be returned will be returned. Owners of those that cannot be retrieved will receive adequate compensation”.

According to Oluwo, the PDP government would provide the people with roads, potable water and electricity.

The former commissioner recalled the circumstances that led him to quit the government.

He said: “I resigned from the government when they began doing the nonsense they wanted to do. They say that in Nigeria it is difficult for a public official to resign, but I resigned on my own.”

Busari encouraged the people not to feel intimidated but to go out and vote on Saturday, saying, God was on their side.

Epe-born Busari assured her kinsmen that: “I cannot get to Alausa and forget Epe. Jimi and I belong to you. We have based our campaign on the Economy, Livability and the Future. Obafemi Awolowo and Lateef Jakande achieved much in the South-West and in Lagos with their unforgettable records in education and other sectors. Our programme shall be based on education, with the welfare of teacher’s paramount”.

She said that 10 percent of the contracts would be allocated to women, as a foundation for boosting the state’s economy.

Busari said that their government had an eye towards developing Lagos for the welfare of the youths.

She said: “When we corruptly spend today the resources that should enhance our future, what shall be left for our children? We shall not behave that way, we will project programmes with our children in mind.”

Agbaje told the gathering that his regime would prioritise human capital and infrastructural development in Lagos State.

He accused the current political powers in Lagos of massive corruption and impunity.

He said: “They are even claiming now that they are not doing government work but they are so rich that bullion vans loaded with cash can be driven into their private compound. Where did all their money come from? We remember when they came in 1998, they had no money then. Now 20 years after, they have become richer than Lagos!”

According to the PDP candidate, Saturday’s elections were “about freedom, not for Jimi Agbaje, but the for the people of Lagos State”.
He urged Lagosians to go out and vote for PDP, and to wait for their votes to be counted because the law allowed voters to know the results of their voting.

SOURCE: Theeagleonline

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