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DRAMA As Woman Divorces Husband Because Of Hair In Her Private Part

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While we deal with the rising divorce rate in the country today, an Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has dissolved the 12-year-old union between a woman, Taiwo Adeniran and her husband, Kehinde Adeniran over a very interesting discovery. 


Taiwo who brought a divorce suit before the court alleged that her husband was unreliable, brutal and diabolical in nature. She told the court she was fed up with her husband and therefore prayed the court to put an end to their union.

Kehinde had refused to appear in court after being served a court summons twice.

“My lord, my husband started showing traits of being irresponsible shortly after we had our first child.

“He stopped giving money for our baby’s needs especially food, clothing and health care. Rather than meet our immediate needs, he was in the habit of making promises he could never fulfill for decades.

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“He once slapped me while pregnant with our second child and this affected the eye of our baby at birth. I spent a fortune treating the eye and he contributed nothing towards it, “she said.

“My lord, my husband demanded that I give him some of my pubic hair and I refused. We fought over this and he beat the hell out of me. I kept the issue to myself because I found it hard explaining to those who mediated in our differences the reason for our fight. To me, the request was strange and absurd.

“He was fond of returning late from work. On one of the nights, I served him supper and went to clear the table where he ate. As I bent to pick the plates, he slapped me and then got up and chased me round the house with a club. This was around 11:00 pm while I had only my wrapper round me. I ran out of our compound and fled after our neighbours came to my rescue.


“He went to my mum and told her I left him and our children at home and left with only my handset and wrapper on.

“Our difference was later resolved and I went back to him. Since he refused to be committed to his role as breadwinner, I took up a job as housemaid but had to stop working when my sister paid us a visit and showed her displeasure at the job. She gave me N25, 000 to rent a shop and start a business but I spent a part of the money treating my eye which was damdaged as a result of the slap my husband gave me.


“I told my sister in-law of my husband’s demand of my pubic hair and she was shocked. She asked him what he purposed to do with it and he stated that it was meant to make concoction for me for safe delivery of my baby,” Taiwo added.

“I moved out of his house to that of a friend when he ceased to give me rest but he still came there to threaten me.  I, therefore, decided to seek a legal action against him.

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“The second time the court bailiff brought him a court summon, I took the court official to where he could be found and hid from him. As I made to leave, he came after me on his motorcycle, tore my clothes and left me naked.


“He held tight my blouse and rained curses on me. As I made an attempt to hold his shirt, he bit my thumb. I spent N9, 000 treating the wound.

“My parents, learning of what transpired between us, called him on phone but he refused to acknowledge their calls.

“He has taken a new wife and I pray the court to please grant me custody of our children and make him responsible for their general welfare, “the plaintiff concluded.

Giving his judgment after he had listened to the plaintiff and considering the fact that the defendant refused to appear in court which according to the court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje, showed he was no more interested in their wedlock, he dissolved their wedlock.

Ruling, Agbaje gave the plaintiff custody of their three children and ordered the defendant to pay the sum of N12, 000 monthly through the court for their upkeep.

He further mandated the defendant to be responsible for their general welfare with education and health care is given utmost priority.

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