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Amnesty provides evidence indicting US military airstrike Somalia

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An international human rights group on Tuesday provided evidence stating that US military airstrikes in Somalia have killed or wounded nearly two dozen civilians in the past two years.

US Africa Command officials immediately refuted the allegations laid out in a report by Amnesty International, and maintained that the military has investigated 18 cases of likely civilian casualties since 2017 and found that none were credible.

This came in after a Somali intelligence official and two local residents said a US drone strike on Monday killed civilians.

Amnesty International said it examined satellite imagery and other data, after interviewing 65 witnesses and survivors of five detailed airstrikes shown in the report.

The report reads in part:

“Amnesty International’s research points to a failure by the US and Somali governments to adequately investigate allegations of civilian casualties resulting from US operations in Somalia.”

US Africa Command who looked at the five strikes, said there were no civilian casualties while US defence officials concluded that American troops were on the ground at strike locations in a very limited number of cases.

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