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Viral Photos Of Valentine Gift A Cleaner Gave Her Boss

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Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love, however the beneficiary of these kind gestures doesn't always have to be a close friend or a lover and this Nigerian lady has proven this to be true.

A post currently trending on social media has left people in awe at what many consider to be the true meaning of Valentine's Day. A cleaner gifted her boss with a bottle of groundnut and a bunch of bananas for Valentine.

Twitter user, @pankomane shared photos of the food wrapped conspicuously in a red and silver wrap sheet, and wrote: "My home boy got this from a colleague and I don’t know what’s more realer than this. Apparently it was the cleaner lady at the office who got him this. I hate when I cut these onions."

The post immediately went viral with over two thousand likes and over a thousand retweets on the platform. Many people reacted to the post , describing the gift as a thoughtful one that shouldn't be taken for granted.

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While many people remain hopeful about getting gifts on Valentine's Day and spending time with their loved ones, the year 2019 Valentine's day will forever remain memorable for this happy Nigerian woman.

Identified as Loveth Steve Edem, the ecstatic lady took to a popular Facebook group for mothers to share photos of her brand new Lexus RX 350. According to her post, her husband surprised her with the automobile worth over N4,000,000.

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