“I am not your father’s mate fat goat looking kid” – Kemi Olunloyo fires back at Davido’s hypeman, SpecialSpesh - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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“I am not your father’s mate fat goat looking kid” – Kemi Olunloyo fires back at Davido’s hypeman, SpecialSpesh

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Controversial Nigerian journalist, and activist,  Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo has continued to react after her outburst with Spesh yesterday. This time she is attacking Chioma and her alleged cousin Peruzzi. This is coming after Spesh released a video on his Instagram story warning Kemi to be careful with him.

She wrote: “SPESH THREATENS KEMI OLUNLOYO. @specialspesh I am WAITING for you in #Ibadan.#Nigeria. We are Journalists, we know our mission, we will NOT be intimidated. I am a retired Journalist. Don’t FUCK with me! I am NOT your father’s mate fat goat looking kid. If I begin the process of reporting your account to Adam, you will CRY like Freeze and other Frozen accounts. @mosseri pls watch the story on his account he’s begging people to see where he threatens me.

When THREATENING people in 2019, DON’T try it with the following.
1. Kemi Olunloyo
2. Journalists
3. Buhari

I am going to notify all diplomatic missions so that you are no longer given a visa if applicable to travel with Davido or travel PERIOD. You will now retire and go sit in your village @usembassyabuja TAKE NOTE! Kathy I will call you today.

FACTS: I was not behind the chat with Spesh. I did not chat with him. The person who set him up is Chioma’s cousin Peruzzi a mole within the DMW organization. Stop telling people you were “Jonzing” talking to a stranger then lying later that I was “behind” the account AFTER LYING THAT IT WAS FAKE.

As an award winning Investigative Journalist since 1994 I will reveal the rest of the chat and names till you APOLOGISE for calling me a LIAR, THREATENING ME and my family by “planning to come to my door” and everything is not OK with Chioma. It was a 30 day break up with David that started this in October 2018. Davido fooled his fans, I reported the break up and was then called names. Days ago he was caught calling a female lawyer unprintable names.

Names that now apply to Chioma. In the midst of my October travails, another woman with a 5yr old girl showed up November 2018. Your reckless, dangerous and risky behaviors will and MUST now END! Finally you will get a visit from Adamu’s SARS IGP Monitoring Unit for actually threatening an elderly ex governor and the right hand man of a King (Balogun of Oyo) I happen to take care of my 83yr old former Governor who you “may show up at his door” Go Google late Isiaka Adeleke and Olunloyo to see where u fucked up

I’m a retired 25yr Journalist. I’m NOT your mate. If I dare come out of this retirement?? #KemiOlunloyo”.

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