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Group wants Abdulsalami peace committee disbanded

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General Abdulsalami and President Buhari when the Peace Committee visited on 11 August
General Abdulsalami and President Buhari when the Peace Committee visited on 11 August

The General Abubakar Abdulsalami-led Peace Committee continues to draw criticisms from Nigerians over its advice to President Muhammadu Buhari that he should follow the due process in prosecuting the war against corruption.

In the latest attack, a coalition of human rights groups, known as Coalition of Concerned Nigerian Citizens asked President Buhari to wind up the group, having in its view, outlived its usefulness.

“It was set up on an ad-hoc basis and has fulfilled its terms of existence. The elections have been won and lost, there has been a transition to a new government which is in place”, said the group in a statement signed by its leader, Aisha Shehu, and which was submitted to President Buhari in Aso Rock today.

Aisha had led protesters to Aso Rock, the presidential palace in Abuja today, demanding that President Buhari ignore pressure to abandon the war against corruption and instead step it up.

“Corruption and impunity are killing us as a nation. These have manifested in a culture of stealing of our commonwealth, lack of accountability, abuse of office, indiscipline, and other forms of corruption.
“By this march, we as concerned, patriotic citizens of Nigeria have come out in unison to say NO TO CORRUPTION. NO TO IMPUNITY.

“We are encouraged and are indeed proud that by Mr President’s anti-corruption stance alone things are beginning to take shape. Our national honour, pride, dignity, and hope are being restored. This, within less than 3 months of stewardship.

“Unfortunately however, we notice signs of pressure emerging from the enemies of our nation and her people to dissuade Mr President.

“First, they claimed being “witch-hunted”. Now they suggest that Mr President should turn a blind eye to the monumental heist of our economy. To forgive and forget the mega looters of out treasury. Those who have caused us untold penury, pain and shame, and face “governance”.

“We are vehemently opposed to this. By this anticorruption/anti-impunity solidarity march to the President, we make a bold statement that WE STAND WITH OUR PRESIDENT IN HIS ANTICORRUPTION/ANTI-IMPUNITY STANCE.

The marchers reminded the President that Nigerians voted for change and are willing
to go to any length to defend it.

” When we Nigerians voted for Change, we meant for Mr President to recover all our stolen wealth and jail all offenders through just and transparent processes. We meant for him to make the system work. To create for us a Nigeria which is a land of peace, prosperity, and equal opportunity for all
” We are united in one voice and are defying the narratives that divide us. That we are very angry, and are channelling our anger productively against corruption, impunity, mediocrity, divisions, poor governance, etc

” Whoever seeks, or even attempts to derail or impede our Change process through whatever means (however clever or subtle) would be setting themselves up against patriotic Nigerian citizens, and we shall not hesitate to demonstrate our unwavering resolve.

While the group wants President Buhari to declare an all-out war against corruption, following due process, and mobilising Nigerians to support the war, it also
wants the President and Vice President PUBLICLY declare their assets.

“This generation of Nigerian citizens have confidence in our President, and his ability to deliver, and wholly support his administration. Mr President, please do not fail us. We are concerned because this may be the last opportunity to salvage our country after 55 years of independent nationhood.”

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