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Female Regents In Yoruba Land

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In the South West of Yorubaland Ondo state are Regents who act briefly as the traditional heads of their towns or communities pending the installation of a new monarch. While some are smiling and enjoying the role others are suffering in silence.

In some towns in Yoruba land South West Nigeria , when a King dies , a woman is temporary installed on the throne as a caretaker in order not to leave the throne vacant until another monarch is installed. This tradition is strict and all rules attached to it are religiously followed to the letter.

The Regents are expected to dress and act like a male because though they are women they are occupying seats meant for men and so from their dressing to their actions they are men . Some believe it is a fanfare and juicy position, a thing of joy but many are crying aloud that they are fed up and want to go back to their former lives.

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