Who Made “Ogogoro” A Killer Drink? by Mozimo Beke - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Who Made “Ogogoro” A Killer Drink? by Mozimo Beke

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While the person or group of persons that are unqualified brewers of the ogogoro locally made gin that could have ventured into the business ought to have been the focus of the Federal Government , the innocent substance is now the victim.
“Ogogoro according to Wikipedia, is a westAfrican alcoholic drink, usually brewed locally. It is most popular in Nigeria, where it is known as the country's homebrew.” Aside being popular in Nigeria, it is one of the strength of economy of the Niger Delta people especially being one of the common trade engaged by Women of the Niger Delta region. Ogogoro“ is also known asakpeteshie (especially in Ghana), Sapelewater, Kparaga, kai-kai, Sun gbalaja, Egun inu igo meaning The Masquerade in the Bottle, push-me-push-you, and/or crim-kena, Sonsé ("do you do it?" in Yoruba language). Other Nigerian epithets include:ufofob [Calabar], robirobi [Abeokuta], baba erin [Ilesha], etonto [Pidgin English], wuru [Ijaw], Udi Ogagan and Agbaka. and Aka mereAgbagba [Urhobo], as well OHMS(Our Home Made Stuff), Iced WaterPush Me, I Push You and Craze man in the bottle. Ogogoro is distilled from the juice of Raffiapalm trees; an incision is made in the trunk and a gourd placed outside it for collection, which is collected a day or two later. After extraction, the sap is boiled to form steam, which subsequently condenses and is collected for consumption.The active ingredient in ogogoro is ethanol, whose concentration within the drink is very high; the alcohol content of local ogogoro ranges between 30-60%. (Wikipedia)
In Nigeria, aside Ogogoro having a strong cultural significance, it also holds the sustenance of many poor families especially from The Niger Delta region as many may know no other trade aside that particular trade.
Recently, the Federal Government of Nigeria placed a ban on the Substance, which has led to many reaction.
Amongst all, it will be important to ask,
·       If the Federal Government considered how long the substance had been of economic value to the people of the Niger Delta before taking its decision?
·       If the ban of the substance will not increase youth unrest in the Niger as many families who survive with the trade may have no other means of livelihood?.

·       Will the Federal Government be able to cope with another reason for militant rise in the Niger Delta as a result of families not being able to engage in any other trade thereby pushing the youths out to the streets ?.

·       Could this be an indirect way to sabotage the economy and frustrate the people of the Niger Delta region as women who are strong pillars of their families that had survived with the trade over the years may not have any other means of livelihood?.

·  Will the Federal Government provide an alternative means of sustenance to poor families in the Niger Delta region while the substance remain ban or Continue with the Ban  without considering the adverse effect it will cause to the people especially to the Niger Delta region?.
While one may ponder over these and more, it is not a disputable fact that ogogoro had been in existence over a 100 years or more and had been of tremendous support in sustaining poor families especially in the Niger Region.

As Nigerians continue to debate on the Federal Government’s action on the innocent substance, Will the people of the Niger Delta region take the Federal Government to court for indirectly sabotaging its economy?

The big question in the minds of many is “Who made Ogogoro a killer drink”?

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