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Not Funny! Man’s manhood disappears after he refused to pay prostitute after s3x

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Strange things happen in this world and this is one of such. MyZimbabwe reports that a 33-year-old man who refused to pay up after a sex session with a prostitute, ended in disaster as his penis disappered.
The man identified as Simbarashe Machokoto who resides in Mufakose, narrated how his manhood went AWOL after a romp with the commercial hooker identified as Laiza, whom he picked from a local bar called Budiriro 4 Bar, after he refused to pay up for the services she rendered to him.
Hear him:
“I picked up a hooker called Laiza at a Bar in Budiriro 4. We did our business after agreeing on a US$5 charge at a makeshift lodge in the neighbourhood.
Unfortunately I ended up incurring costs to the tune of $15 and I failed to settle the bill since I had only $5 in my pocket. I then promised to give her the money later since I was her regular.”
But he failed to fulfill his promise and the scarlet lady called him up a few days later demanding for her money but he did not feel like paying again and told her so.
But she threatened him that if he failed to pay up, something nasty would happen to him, a threat he waved away, not knowing she had something up her sleeves.
Machokoto continued:
“When I went to pee in the evening, I was shocked to discover that my manhood was missing. Throughout that night, I was in pains as my bladder was filled up.
I did not tell my wife on the first day. My body was feeling hot and in the morning I checked my privates and found they were still missing.
But when the pain was unbearable, I told a friend who advised me to tell my wife of my predicament.
She was angry initially but later calmed down after realising the gravity of the matter. My family was called in and they arranged for an appointment with a renowned Prophet.
When I got to the man’s place, I was beyond myself with pain my feet were swollen and my tummy had become taut with urine. The Prophet prophesied how Laiza had locked me using juju from a sangoma. He then put his holy stick between my legs and something inside my stomach popped and my ‘thing’ returned.”
Machokoto said he then discharged a strange fluid that was blackish, mixed with blood.
“I used to hear these stories and never thought they were real but I had first hand experience. The prophet urged me to go and settle my debt with the lady who had afflicted me and warned me never to be promiscuous again.
I would like to warn all men out there to desist from hiring prostitutes. If you can’t resist them, then pay up. I nearly died.”

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