Disturbing Photos Of A Lady 'Slaughtered Like A Goat' - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Disturbing Photos Of A Lady 'Slaughtered Like A Goat'

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This is really sad! I saw this photos as a post from a Facebook user - Aung Kyaw this morning while I was surfing the web.
I really don't know what must warranted slaughtering the lady like this cos' he was offline by the time I saw this and so couldn't get full details.
But I think whatever the case may be, a human shouldn't have been murdered this way! To me its just sheer cruelty! Abi them sef dey do juju? 
Full pictures below. I must tell u - they are really disturbing photos, I'll advice you don't continue if you don't have the nerve to view this!

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