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Ritualists Kill, Boil, and Roast Woman in Ogun State

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On Tuesday, Ogun state police made a very gruesome discovery: a shrine where parts of a female student
of Gateway ICT Polytechnic were found. 
Morenikeji Owolabi who was aged 21 at the time of her death hailed from Ekiti State but lived in Isara.
Valentine Ntomchukwu, the state commissioner of police claims that the young lady was said to have been lured by a herbalist, Femi Awise, under possession to the shrine. 
The shrine which was made with corrugated iron sheets in a cubicle form, contained boiled and smoked human parts including liver, intestines, and spleen. There were also bottles of palm oil ond other liquid substances spilled all over the floor with knives and plates.
Reports say that near the shrine was a small kitchen where something that looked like the victim’s heart was being smoked on a fire. Decomposing legs of the victim dug out of the shallow grave lay just a few metres away from the shrine where they were buried, but the head of the victim and other parts of her body were not found.
So far, five persons including a motorcyclist that took the victim to the shrine, have been arrested in connection with the murder.

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