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Land Tussle: Ogun Chief accused of setting house ablaze to implicate their opponents

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.....Call on police to investigate thoroughly and bring the culprits to book 

A chief in Omu in Odogbolu area of Ogun state has been accused of setting house ablaze to implicate their opponents over land matters. 

According to the press statement issued by  Omoba Sanya Adedapo, General Secretary,Ofirigidi (Oloja Adekoya) Ofirigidi Dynasty, Erebe Ijebu, Ogun State, "It has been brought to the attention of the Ofirigidi (Oloja Adekoya) Descendants Family, Erebe Ijebu near Omu in Odogbolu Local Government of Ogun State, a publication in the Punch Newspaper of Friday 3rd March, 2023 with the caption: OGUN CHIEF ESCAPES DEATH AS HOODLUMS SET HOME ABLAZE."

He clarified the doubt of his people, that their  family and none of members of it's family have anything do with the alleged "staged" arson on the date alleged in the publication and/or any date whatsoever. 

However, he called on the security agencies to investigate and unravel the mystery surrounding the alleged crime.

While he advised the general to ignore the said publication being a land grabbing tactic targetted to their family members with blatant falsehood, which are motivated to breach of public peace. 

"It is grossly misleading, a bogus misrepresentation of facts accentuated by malice...The allegation was made in relation to ErebeIjebu no doubt, but contrary to the pretentious claims and allegations in the publication, our family, the Ofirigidi (Oloja Adekoya) Descendants Family are the 
owners of Erebe Ijebu town under Yoruba native laws and customs. Segun Lawal, the referenced chief in the said publication is neither a member of our family nor traditional ruler of Erebe Ijebu but a chief of Omu, a distinct community not traditionally/associated with Erebe Ijebu. It is a generally acknowledged fact that Erebe is not only older than Omu in terms of first settlement but also in other traditional respects." said Omoba Sanya Adedapo

Furthermore, he said the above publication will not have been dignified with response but this rebuttal becomes necessary to set the records straight for the general public and posterity. The facts are as follows:
"That Segun Lawal does not have any own or ancestral property whatsoever at Erebe Ijebu. Also, no house, home or any property whatsoever got burnt at Erebe Ijebu in the month of September, 2022 as alleged in the publication under reference. The only and first incidence of fire outbreak in Erebe Ijebu was self-inflicted and staged by the same Segun lawal named in the publication. It is obvious 
that Segun lawal having realized his folly decided to deceive the public by backdating an event that occurred on the 18th day of February, 2023 to September, 2022."

Also, The crux of the matter is that Segun Lawal and co recently invented a name "Sangokoya Ofirigidi" similar to our family name and instituted a court matter Suit: HCJ/121/2015 at Ijebu ode High Court 
against our family claiming ownership of landed properties at Erebe Ijebu. A clear act of 
impersonation to grab land. 
At the trial a letter addressed to our family and signed by one of Segun Lawal's agents was 
tendered against him during cross examination in court. Though the author of the said document admitted signing the letter but later conspired with Omu Division of Nigeria Police which pressed a frivolous charge of forgery against the family nominee to the throne of Erebe Ijebu, Oloja Olawunmi 
Samuel Oluwasegun. 

He said the Magistrate Court, Odogbolu not only discharged and acquitted the accused, but also found the police complicit in manufacturing a frivolous charge to suit certain interests. Rather than Segun Lawal 
and his gang of land grabbing hoodlums await the outcome of the case they instituted, they have resorted to self-help. 

Samuel Oluwasegun said the Four (4) of Segun Lawal and co hoodlums were successfully arrested by Omu Division of the 
Nigerian Police in the morning of the 18th day of February, 2023. In less than two (2) hours after the release of the arrested land grabbers from police custody they proceeded with their principals to stage burning of one abandoned building in Erebe Ijebu and made video coverage thereof, circulated same on social media. Segun Lawal alleged in the video that the complainant who got his thugs 
arrested in the morning of the same day burnt the building. A wicked, criminally ingenious act intentionally designed to implicate our family members and escape prosecution for their own crime of harming artisans working on site and destroying a building under construction in our family compound.

He said, Adeyemi Oluwole, Adebola Ogunkoya and one Fidelis Joseph accused of arson in the said publication are neither related to our family nor found at Erebe Ijebu but deliberately presented as such by land grabbers in police uniform to implicate our family members and innocent citizens for crimes willfully created by the complainant and their witnesses over civil case involving land.

Segun Lawal's claim of inviting the attention of the Governor of Ogun State, Chairman of Odogbolu Local Government notwithstanding, he and his cohorts use of land agents "Ajagungbale" to effect illegal sale of land our family land and his life threatening criminal schemes smacks of self delusion and hypocrisy, clear manifestation of desperation to pervert the cause of justice. 

He maintained that the family will not hesitate to report any police officer whose stock in trade is manufacturing of charges, intimidation and harassment of innocent citizens without investigation to suit his paymasters whims and caprices, as law abiding citizens, the Ofirigidi (Oloja Adekoya) Descendants 

The Family shall continue to protect her legitimate rights and privileges in peace loving way devoid of crude and cruel behaviors that can breach public peace.

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