Tinubu-Shettima Will Bring To Bear Both Legislative, Executive Experiences – APC Chieftain Rotimi Makinde - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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Tinubu-Shettima Will Bring To Bear Both Legislative, Executive Experiences – APC Chieftain Rotimi Makinde

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Nigeria at present desires good governance regardless of the religion or ethnic affiliation of whoever is capable of delivering it. 
Therefore, the track record of Asiwaju (Senator) Bola Ahmed Tinubu as a former Governor and in fact, the founding leader of modern Lagos, is evergreen and enduring.

The foundation laid by Tinubu in Lagos State is unparalleled to the extent that the state has unarguably attained the fifth most advanced economy in Africa. 

Tinubu’s achievement in the area of human capital development, which can be fact-checked in different parts of the country, is another parameter that positions him as the most deserving President Nigeria should not miss in the midst of current challenges bedeviling the country.

Here again, I have the privilege and honor to reminiscence on the feats recorded by Asiwaju in Lagos State when he was Governor. As far back as 1999, when what we have in Lagos today were only dreams in the minds of visionaries, Tinubu took over like that proverbial octopus with all its hands in all the jars, weaving Lagos state from pit to the palace it is today.

First was the gory sight of Lagos which was occasioned by pollution from different sectors of Lagos state at that time. And combating the imminent fear of an epidemic that obviously engulfed the state, the former governor separated the ministry of environment from the ministry of physical planning and repositioned it to combat flooding and coordinate waste management and disposal.

Of course, even the bible pointed out that when men of vision lead, the people rejoice. This was Tinubu’s greatest strength as he toes the path of exemplary administration through his many leadership qualities.

It is also on record that the LASAMBUS scheme was initiated by his administration. Dozens of ambulances were provided to ease rescue operations. Tinubu introduced reforms, which led to the decentralisation of the health management board, the revitalisation of the primary healthcare system, the establishment of the Lagos State Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency to ensure quality assurance, the establishment of the Hospital Services Commission and the promotion of partnerships in health between the government and the private sector.

Showing clearly that a new sheriff is in town, the Tinubu administration’s youth development programme led to the annual ‘One Day Governor’ through the annual spelling bee for secondary school students initiated by the New Era Foundation that was promoted by his wife, Oluremi Tinubu as the first lady of Lagos.

Under the capable hands of an obviously experienced public servant as Tinubu, Lagos blazed the trail in the independent power project (IPP), which continually supplied 270 megawatts of electricity to the national grid. The project demonstrated the capacity of some states to generate electricity, if the power to legislate on it is on the concurrent list. Tinubu’s electrification project covered over 100 communities. In his first term, 53 rural communities were targeted.

I can go on and on. 

However, when the call for who will succeed President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023 came to the fore, the name, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu became resoundingly loud among party stakeholders and national patriots; thankfully the outcome of the All Progressives Congress presidential primary creditably produced him as the party’s presidential standard bearer. 

Subsequently, the choice of Senator Kashim Shettima as the running mate to Tinubu after a wide range of consultation across the country was also considered a most appropriate and well deserved political decision.

Senator Shettima, a detribalised  Nigerian who has worked with Igbo, Urhobo, Benin, Hausa, and Yoruba all of whom were of Christian faith despite being a Muslim of Kanuri extraction has a lot in common with Asiwaju that can benefit the larger interest of Nigerians. 

There is no doubt that Nigeria in the present dispensation needs an open-hearted and competent technocrat of long-standing experience like that of Kashim Shettima.

Another unbeatable strength of these two perfect gentlemen is that their executive and legislative exposures would conveniently make them better president and Vice-President ahead others, and by God's grace if given the mandate to rule the country by the  people, they can unite Nigeria as well as its diverse religious interest.

They both have eight years of experience as an executive arm of government, who have been in the private sector, there is no other person with that kind of experience in the political fray.

These are individuals that have the capacity to bring in investors to Nigeria. They understand the dynamics of constitutional amendment, fiscal appropriation, budget defense, diplomacy, oversight functions, and other responsibilities their offices are expected to cater to without giving chances to administrative bottlenecks, indiscretion or faux pas.

Tinubu-Shettima is the kind of leadership that we need in this country today, is the one that can bring progress and unite Nigeria, and the one that knows from day one what needs to be done in the nick of time.

The duo are tangible achievers in their own excellent ways. Their respective states were massively transformed when they successfully led Lagos and Borno states. They will surely replicate those feats for Nigeria if elected during the 2023 presidential poll, they would equally sustain the achievements of the President, Muhammadu Buhari and even surpass them.

Rotimi Makinde is a member of APC Presidential Campaign Committee and former member of House of Representatives, he wrote from Ile-Ife

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