Bandits Turn Villagers Into Slaves In Katsina - Bashir Kurfi - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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Bandits Turn Villagers Into Slaves In Katsina - Bashir Kurfi

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In Buhari home Katsina, bandit terrorists have turned many people into slaves according to Dr Bashir Kurfi, an elder & community leader. He told BBC Hausa that gangs have occupied people’s homes in many villages, where they force the owners to live in makeshifts & work on farms taken over by the bandits to produce food for the terrorists. At the same time, they’re serially raping women and girls.

Dr Kurfi cited one incident that he witnessed in which 40 bandits gang-raped nine women for a whole night. He took the victims to the Federal Medical Centre.

When doctors at the FMC checked the victims, they advised that they should be taken to a Urology Hospital (which treats urinary-tract system) because the damage done was beyond the capacity of an FMC. This horror is unfolding in Buhari’s own state. Can other states expect better?

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